Dick Mills and his views

I talked to Dick Mills today and I noticed the way he fixes everything is to first get you moving fast and explosivley then if it’s not fixed then it might be something to worry about.

He keeps everything pretty simple when you get to talked to him on the phone just move explosivley and fast and everything should fix unless you are doing something way wrong. But for little things like not getting extened over the plant foot and the post foot not flipping over he recomends speeding up the pace and get off the rubber fast thats it.

Well I don’t think problems solve themselves that easily lol

It’s not intuitive but increasing your tempo can fix other things. In particular, it can fix timing problems that lead to other things like opening up early and falling off to the side. House uses the same strategy with pitchers. OF course, he has an amazing eye for seeing things and I’m sure he recognizes timing problems for what they are and knows when to apply this strategy. I don’t think he applies it blindly.

So, despite all the focus on momentum and velocity, the increase in tempo is also a big plus for a pitcher’s timing. In fact, I think the timing aspect is more important than the velocity aspect.

I think it is nice that he would take the time and give you his own personal time. I’m sure you’ll remember it and tell your grandkids. Good for you Ristar. I also congratulate you on your initiative, it takes much spunk for a guy your age to nad up and place a call to a man of his reputation and renown. I hope you are able to take what he gave you and have more success.

I’d make a second point to you as well, go back and read your last say 20 posts, now tell me is it any different than what he said to you over the phone? You called him because you felt like you weren’t being as successful as you think you should be. You’ve been on this explosive kick for a while now. Now I’m just some guys dad and all but I’ve looked at your vids and I’ll say this to you, I see you go through several motions that are designed to create momentum (You start by rolling your shoulders forward with that kind of funky thing you do at the start…so its like back and forth and back and forth) which is all well and good, Dantrell is making a fine living with what I would consider extra motion.
The converse side to that is that if you, during all of that motion, lose balance, you have to correct, you may not even conciously realize that you are correcting but you have to, if you want the ball to go anywhere near where you want to throw it, you correct (You do stuff like pulling your head for example). This takes a toll on your stamina IMO and makes it VERY hard to be consistent. Now if, IF you have a very balanced and efficient approach to the plate, then your “explosiveness” has very obvious benefits, until then it could be a frustrating couple of years exploding before your head figures out how to control your body to have flow towards your target and the success you think you should have (I think you would consider it success to be able to put the ball where you want it, at the speed you want, when you want).
Ristar I’ll also say this, don’t just see something and think “Hey this will make me faster” and slam it into what you do…the super long stride thing, for example, you’ll drive yourself nuts attempting every gimmick thing you read here and on Mills site. Constant tinkering with whatever new thing also lends to lack of consistency, I recommend in all things you do, to work for simplifying instead of complicating. You have a great driving ambition thing going, stay with it…you are kind of a nucklehead though. :wink:
Anyway thats my point for what its worth.

Ive corrected alot of that I’m pitching sunday will post video of what I think will be better mechaincs then 2 weeks ago. HAve been working on them for a while in games that i haven’t video taped ok.

Great, just relax man. You shouldn’t have so much dramatic change…it goes back to consistancy, tweak, observe, adjust if necessary. aspect by aspect (breaking down your motion until you completely understand what you do and then refining that) until you get where you want. Just remember that you have had success so you aren’t starting from scratch just because one time it doesn’t go where you want. Consistant, efficient, repeatable mechanics in conjunction with strength, conditioning, diet, desire and preparation make for IMO the best opportunity for long term success.

Yea well said ^^^^.
Ristar if you are going to really speed up your delivery, then you might want to tone down that thing you do with your glove at the begging. I no it might feel natural, but you might find everything sailing high on you because your arm is starting too late, because it has to move in a complete circle in your glove before your hands even break. Just a suggestion.

I would not trust Dick Mills. He used to think Mark Prior was efficient in producing enough force to throw the ball. Now he’s using him as an example of inefficient mechanics, notably not using his lower body properly.

Eh, alot of people thought that about Prior. He looked pretty smooth and efficient from afar.

Don’t fault Dick too much for believing in Prior: he did make it to the Bigs and is a millionaire for it.

Not sure DM made his millions playing. He was born into a family who provided him a good private school start, a creative way of expressing himself, talent to be a ML pitcher who is entitled to express and change ways of thinking. I don’t advocate some of his ideas nor do I with MM but we can respect the fact they provide us much to think about and that’s proven in these forums. I love it!

I was referring to Prior making his millions.