Diamond Kinetics Smart Ball


Just bought a new tool the other day. I have been wanting a Pocket Radar, but just couldn’t justify the price. I finally decided to break down and get one, so I went to “Big local sporting goods store”. They were out of the radar, but they did have a new “Smart Baseball”. For 1/3 the price, why not. It is a 9” 5oz leather baseball, with a computer where the rubber core would be. It chargers wirelessly, and Bluetooths to your phone. It will read Velo, spin rate, spin direction, and a few other metrics. We used it in our last bullpen. Seeing the spin rate and direction really helped see what a difference arm angle and release point had on the ball. Velo numbers were within 1-2 mph of buddies pocket radar.


Was the pocket radar velo 1-2 mph slower than the smart ball?


It was on both sides of the radar. It would be a little faster, then it would be a little slower. No crazy differences though. Only real issue, was the spin rate and direction would not read, about 1 out of 10 pitches.