Diagnosing injuries from improper mechanics

Not being in the coaching or the medical aspect of baseball, I was wondering how often is the location and type of injury used in helping to improve mechanics.

I’ve always believed you can look towards a weak link in the delivery (bad mechanics) by which type of injury occured and whether it occured during the deceleration or acceleration phase of the delivery (most occur during deceleration).

Is that accurate in most cases?

The majority of injuries in pitchers are due to improper mechanics and overuse. Most of the time, if you know the injury, you can narrow down the type of poor pitching movement that caused the injury. It is important for the Athletic Trainer and coach to work together to correct the pitching motion and resolve the injury.

I have also experienced seeing a pitcher use poor mechanics and bringing it to the coaches attention to prevent injury.

A common injury due to poor pitching mechanics is a biceps strain. The triceps creates the force to throw the ball; the biceps job is to decelerate the arm after the ball is released.
If the pitcher does not follow through with the arm (stops short) a strain is put on the biceps causing injury.

I think that injuries occur as often in the acceleration as they do in the deceleration phase.