DHEA capsules

does anybody know if DHEA capsules help build muscle mass

im having trouble finding any information on the internet


[quote=“TravisBaseball17”]does anybody know if DHEA capsules help build muscle mass

im having trouble finding any information on the internet


Bad idea all the way around. THey are banned in all levels from college to the big leagues. They can aromatases into Testosterone, which would be what you want, but they also aromatase into Estrogen, which is the last thing you want, not only will it lessen strength, but it will also increase rate of fat depostition and you could end up with Gyno (man boobs). Also, i assume your 20 or younger, in which case, taking any type of hormone (i.e. DHEA) would be very bad. It will mess up your levels of Test. and E2 when you stop supplementation and will take a very long time to recover.

If you want to chance a suspension, man boobs, strength/muscle loss, and long-term hormonal problems, than by all means, go for it, but if you have any common sense you wont touch the stuff.

FYI—there are things going on to put DHEA o the banned substance list, along with steroids, bcuz that is exactly what DHEA is, a steroid.

Yea, I wouldnt reccomend DHEA, as there are alot of other things out there that are alot safer. But if you do end up taking it, make sure you eat alot of broccoli with it. Broccoli has something called Diindolylmethane, or DIM, which would help convert some of the extra estrogen that is produced into testosterone.

Currently I’m doing some research on a post workout supplement combination to enhance muscle mass gain. I have some ideas I’m gonna post them on another forum and then if your serious about working out the real way I’ll share the information.

yea that’d be great if you shared!
what do you have so far?

Take a couple days and read this it’s a great article. It’s about 5 different opinions on pre-post and during nutrition. I’ve only got the first few I"m working on the rest.

What I got so far is complex carbs, oatmeal will be my best choiece, I workout in the morning a lot. Then post is simple carbs, dextros and maltodextrin. Also adding BCAA’s in there. Then protein of course, but I’m looking at maby a cheaper protein because I am adding the BCAA’s. It’s recommended a 1:1:1 ration of dextrose, maltodextrin, ane protein. Everything is explained if you read it, they explain better than I do.

lol kinda confused what article are you talking about?

Duh the one I forgot to post. :roll: :roll: :roll:

alright thanks ill be sure to check it out

hey just wondering have u read any thing about “l-glutamine” and “l-arginine” amino acids?

There wasn’t a lot in there and they didn’t make them seem too important.

They mostly focused on a 2:1 Carbs to Protein Ratio. and a 1:1 Dextrose to maltodextrin ratio for the carbs.

all natural stuff?

I personally love glutamine and arginine. From what i understand those are two of the most important amino acids for musclar growth. Glutamine has also been reported to increase the bodys production of natural growth hormone which would obviously be a good thing. However i wouldnt reccomend either of these if your under 20.

how much of each do you take a day?

I was looking at taking the right carbs and protein at the right times after working out to enhance muscle growth. Also using BCAA’s to help. If you read that article and take the time you will learn about taking carbs like pure dextrose and whey protein to enhance muscle growth. Along with BCAA’s. Also, having complex carbs before and simple carbs after.

what are good BCAA’s?

Read the article I can’t explain it nearly as good. Go to the article then hit “ctl + F” and type BCAA. Read whatever you can it’s a lot easier trust me.