Developing More Speed on the Mound?

Well, here the thing. I think i throw faster around the infield and in the bullpen, than i do on the mound. And i have no idea why. Can someone Help? Thanks!

Two fairly basic thoughts, not taking to account strength, power, flexibility, practice, bands, or anything in terms of velocity development

You should expect to be able to throw the ball faster with a crow hop.
You have more time to develop force and you create more forward momentum. Pitching is such a difficult task in part because you start from a dead stop at a fixed point. In cricket the pitcher (I believe they’re called the bowler) gets a running start.
Rafial Furcal can throw the ball like 96mph across the infield. They interviewed him and he said he was never any good at pitching though.

In the bullpen often times a pitcher will loose concentration on location and movement and velocity becomes and obsession (it happens with me).
Game velocity is generally a bit lower because hitting the spot is more important than 3mph in most cases.
Also consider that you have less reference for your actual velocity in the bullpen, your feedback is how you feel and what your catcher says. Unfortunately I have found that both of these things can be misleading with velocity.

I believe it was shermanreed (sp?) who posted about his son throwing around 5mph harder after extensive work. The irony wasn’t that he was throwing harder. It was that he had no idea he was throwing any harder and actually didn’t want to know how hard he threw as he expected to be let down by the velocity.

You never know if it’s with pure perception. Although if you have a gun then you can get a lot more technical with cause and effect.