Developing Consistent Mechanics

This summer season did not go as i intended it to pitching wise and it came to the point where i was changing my mechanics/delivery every start. I dont know what happened has anyone ever experienced this before? any advice? Thankss!

Ray, the fact that you kept changing your mechanics—from game to game, from pitch to pitch—tells me that you’re not sure about them, what arm slot to use, what delivery you want to work with. There’s a whole lot of confusion and uncertainty here, and my advice, therefore, is simple. Get together with a good pitching coach—one who not only knows his elbow from third base but also who can teach you what you need to know—and start from the top. My wise and wonderful pitching coach of way back when once told me that there’s a lot more to pitching than just throwing the ball and daring the batter to hit it, and it’s that “lot more” that you need to know.
Perhaps the first thing is to find your own individual arm slot, whatever is comfortable for you. And once you’ve found it, stick with it, and don’t ever let anyone try to change it. And then you can go from there. My coach firmly believed that every pitcher has a natural motion, and so what he did was work with that pitcher to show him or her how to make the most of it. Whatever it is—overhand, 3/4, sidearm, standing on your head—you need to know what yours is. And then you can focus on getting a good, solid, consistent set of mechanics to work with. That should clear up the confusion and get you on the road to successful pitching. 8) :slight_smile: :baseballpitcher:

I would think you would want to get video of your mechanics, analyze the movement, look at balance, posture, stride, arm slot, body position etc. It’s really hard to fix more thatn one thing at a time, one item needs to become natural then move onto the next item. Really wouldn’t hurt to upload some video to this site.