Developing Change-Up

Does anyone have any tips on how to help develop a better change up? I currently throw a circle change with a two seam grip and when it is on it either gets swinging strikes or hitters to roll over a weak grounder. However, it is inconsistent as I have trouble finding the zone with it. Is this just a case of needing more reps or is there anything else I can do to develop this pitch?

Gripping the ball with thumb and middle finger cutting the ball in half can help with control.

Also, if you pronate the pitch, make sure to throw through to the target - don’t let your arm sweep across in front of you and don’t shift your posture to accomodate more pronation.

Throw long toss with your change up grip. Develops arm action.
Experiment with different grips. I find anything that leaves my middle and ring finger on top of the ball works best. Doesn’t matter if the pointer finger is in a C shape or a circle, it’s those other two fingers atop the ball that changes the action.
Also experiment with wrist angles.

I’d say play catch with the grip. Stand about the same distance from mound to home and play catch with the grip. Focus on release point and very loose and fast arm action. Make sure you’re releasing it comfortably to prevent injury.

Pretty much the same as long tossing it. Work on getting consistent action and hitting the glove. That’s just me though, I love flat ground work.

throw it throw it throw it. It will click. Throwing a good change up is a feeling. As soon as you release the ball you’ll know.

I’ve always told guys to throw from 90 feet, 80 feet, 70 feet. just throw the hell out of it until you feel like you have it mastered. maybe some days only throw the ball with the change up grip. all of these tactics I’ve used and they’ve all helped me get the consistent feel for the pitch