Derek steidley LHP pitching analysis

I’m wondering if I can get some coaches input here. This is 6 months post partial ACL tear. As I prep for upcoming varsity season, I’d like any input I can get. Focusing on more velocity this year. Would like to get into the 80’s by March. Well be hitting plyometrics and TRX. Any thoughts on mechanics?
Circle change
Knuckle curve

You are starting shoulder rotation to early and cocking your arm way to early. You are also abducting the arm way above the shoulder which is unhealthy.

Thanks for taking the time to give me some feedback. I really appreciate it. The early rotation and arm cock it’s something I’ve been concious of and will continue to work on. Can you elaborate on the abduction. What part of the throw are you referring to? At release or during the drive? Could you possibly attach a still frame to illustrate what you are talking about? I’m very particular about arm care. Do you mind spending a little more time with me and helping me see what you’re seeing.

For the abduction, I mean your throwing arm elbow is way above your shoulder before shoulder rotation. Healthy pitcher’s elbows never get above the arm until the shoulders rotate which is when they through. Glad I could help!

So the level of abduction you wanna be at is 85-89 just below the shoulder level which is 90. You get up to around 110.

Your trunk is very dynamic, your external rotation is maximum so very good and you have a decent lower half too. For the most part you are fairly solid

Thanks green monster. After putting it in slow mo I see what you’re saying. Thanks for pointing that out.

No problem man😀