Derek Steidley LHP 15y/o video analysis


First video post here. 15 yo LHP
74mph 4seam
knuckle curve

Any input is greatly appreciated


You have great mechanics. You have 3 pitches which is fine. You can have more if you want to (cutter, sinker etc.), but make sure you work on having 3 good pitches (fastball, change up, and curve) first. I don’t see anything you need to change. Just keep up the good work, pitch good like the way you do, and you’ll be fine.


Ok maybe just one thing to change. Make sure you follow through fully. From what I saw, you only followed through part way.


Don’t worry so much on mechanics. You won’t see one pitcher who is exactly like another. Be comfortable and be violent. Only thing I’d say is hit the weight room and work on being explosive so you can get that velocity up. Best of luck to you!


This is a great quote. It seems contradictory but it is not. It is easy to strive for mechanics that are smooth…too often this translates to slow. Up, down and out ect. Throwing a fastball with velocity is the most explosive movement in sports. The concept of teaching “smooth” or slow mechanics is in contradiction with this.
To throw hard one must move quickly. This is a violent action. Getting to the point where one can be comfortable with this movement and move explosively under control is the tough part. If you take someone who is not used to running and have them do a small jump plyometric and go directly into a 100% sprint, initially many people will fall down…their bodies are not used to moving this way. It takes time but a pitcher can certainly learn to move more explosively.


Yeah, mechanics are over taught in this game especially at the younger level. Make small adjustments, be comfortable, and be violent. Best way to gain explosiveness as an athlete is plyometrics and some Olympic lifting (especially in baseball). Of course you must have a strength base before heading straight into explosive training but Bryce Harper is a good example… He trains hard and as a result he’s fast and explosive. That’s why he hits bombs and can throw a fastball at 96 off the mound. The people who throw gas and move to the next level are either unreal athletes and God gave them great genetics or they work their ass off everyday in the weight room.


Thank you. This was older video. I just posted a new thread with recent video.


Everything looks great except you are cocking your arm way to early and abducting it above your shoulder. Otherwise a decent set of mechanics.


What do you mean by be violent?


Check out Driveline baseball online. They have a lot of great articles explaining pitching mechanics


Basically, have intent when you throw. What I mean by that is “throw as hard as you can.” If you constantly throw as hard as you can you will start to throw harder. Check out Driveline baseball, Jaeger sports baseball, and Lantz Wheeler. Those are all great guys to look into to help learn more about pitching and throwing in general.


It’s hard to tell with your videos, try to slow them down. it looks like you have excellent mechanics.
What you do well:

  • It appears you do a good job staying closed and leading with the hips, not an easy task.
  • you also get good early momentum, good lower half use in general
  • appears you have hip - shoulder seperation, very good
  • good front leg extension

NOW, the only real reccomendation I have is about your throwing arm. You bring it up extraordinarily early. You do an excellent job of keeping it back until it’s time to throw, however if it’s not too uncomfortable I’d say to change that. You arm shouldn’t be going out into a cocked position until front foot strike. Late arm swing/action also helps generate Velo. Another reason I say this is you (like me) use a range of grips. Holding your arm out gives the hitter time to see the ball, and know what you are throwing. Yes, some are successful with what you do, although I would definitely change that if you can.


Thanks legend, that seems to be the general consensus. I’m having a hard time convincing myself to slow down the arm. Any suggestions? I tried breaking hand later, didn’t seem to feel right. Any drills for timing and syncing that up?


I recently posted a thread about the inverted W position that I get in. Steven Ellis told me to take a 3-5 pound weight and slowly go through a corrected motion. During the season, I was an early cocker (inverted W) and my UCL hurt and I got hurt around because of it. I then tried doing the thing that Tim lincicum does (I pitched like him, in all aspects, such as over rotation) and I immdietely had more success and less pain because it forced me to keep my arm down. I’ve also played around with doing something similar to CC Sabathia or ubaldo Jimenez (I think it’s him, I know someone on the braves with a last name of wood does it also). Although this motion leads to a reduction of accuracy. That’s all I got… Best of luck!


do this drill if you want to delay your arm.



Looks good, I’ll give it a shot. Thanks for your time, I really appreciate it. I threw a pen yesterday focusing on emulating lincecum and felt really good, like my arm was not talking any stress. Didn’t have a gun but I’m thinking I was real close to 80. I’m going to do that drill before my next pen and I’ll post a video.