Derek Holland - Texas Rangers

If you are watching ESPN2 Wednesday Night baseball you are seeing a kid stepping up and claiming his dream. Holland was drafted in the 25th round in 2006 out of Wallace State Community College. Two things you can learn from that. The 25th round is NOT a round with high expectations. You are beginning to get into the roster fillers with not alot of MLB promise. And second, the community college is not what you think about when you hope to get drafted. But THE DREAM can be obtained from any level.

We had a kid from our high school just finish pitching a couple years for Wallace State CC and he probably knew Holland. He didn’t get drafted but he played at a quality JUCO and gave himself a chance. What’s most inspiring is that he did it with only one good arm. With the glove balanced on his non pitching hand, after the pitch he transferred it to his throwing hand, much like Jim Abbott. I watched him develop throughout high school and was inspired by his desire. He claimed his dream too.

22 year old lefty with good stuff. Im watchin the game right now too

I’m checking him out too, I got YES up here in new england. He looks to have a bright future, good stuff, big kid, composed against the Yankees, and a great story.