Demo-pitching:mechanics, body, mental for a professor

We were assigned to do a demo on anything we wanted for a communications class. Im doing the 3 basic principles of pitching- mechanics, body (strength&flexibility) and mental toughness out on the mound. Im finishing a power point and on my last slide I’d like to show common mechanical flaws. Does anyone have a picture of say maybe Jered weaver or anyon throwing across their body?

I wouldn’t say that throwing across one’s body is a mechanical flaw—I’ve seen a lot of sidearmers do this. A better example of a mechanical flaw is failure to complete one’s pitches—complete the follow-through, as it were. If you’ve ever seen a pitcher, after he delivers a pitch, pull his arm back as if he’d suddenly changed his mind and was trying to pull the ball back—there’s an example. Or using too long or too short a stride—there’s another example, inasmuch as it can adversely affect the pitcher’s balance.
If you want to see an example of a perfect delivery, with all the other components you mentioned, take a look at Mariano Rivera. I’ve seen him pitch many times, and it’s easy to understand why he’s such a great closer. There are videos of him in action. \As far as the mental toughness is concerned, he has a little secret: before he even starts to warm up, he takes a couple of minutes to get himself into a mindset he calls “the eye of the tiger”—a quiet but very intense focus in which the only thing that exists for him is getting the batters out. He warms up, and he takes that focus to the mound with him, along with that murderous cut fastball. And if you look at his face you’ll see it—a calm determination, a “nothing can stop me” look—and then he goes ahead and makes the batters look very, very stupid. 8)