To maintain a healthy arm is it necessary to keep your deltoids in shape? Should shoulder press be a part of a pitchers lifting program?

deltoid strwength IS very important however military presses are not all you can do to strengthen them or even recommended as shown in that article above…lateral and side raises with light dumbells are a good way to strengthen your delts enough for pitching…the yare very important because they are a key component in the slowing down phase or the DECELERATION of your arm…a weak decelerator will cause injury to your arm …it is said and is very good theory that you can only speed up as much as you can slow down…this definetly applies to pitching and the physics and physiology of it as well

do reverse flies… called rear deltoids lol… u gotta pinch ur shoulder blade together and it helps the traps and middle back too so thats a good machine / exercise to do too

Military press behind the head

you kiddin me?!.. jim mora right there but military press behind ur head will mess up ur shoulders soooo bad… all the people at the gym and all the trainers ive worked with said that thats asking 2 have messed up shoulders when u get older… the rear deltoid thing i was talkin bout before is basically a reverse fly

Press behind the head and lat pulldowns behind the head are listed as 2 of the most dangerous exercises (ie. most likely to cause injury). Not good.

I can’t imagine how bad that is for your muscles’ health.

do front delt raises

In support of previous statements, the major league strength and conditioning program wants all of their players to avoid military press, especially behind the head, since it can cause impingement.