my delivery is VERY similar to john papelbons… i had no idea it was like anyones until i saw him pitch against the jays to close it up

anyways… do u thikn hes got good mechs?

click the 400K beside ‘Papelbon’s 15th Save’ they have some good views of him there

let me know

Great mechanics. Very quick to the plate. Only thing I don’t like is he straightens his front leg after release. Doesn’t get into good fielding position, but not a big deal. He’s not a starter.

hes not quick to the plate at all

He does have a slow leg lift. But after the peak of his leg lift, he has good tempo towards the plate. He’s very smooth and fluid. His arm especially, very loose.

it takes a little bit more then 2 seconds to release the ball

most are around 1.5 seconds

I noticed this about Papelbon and a lot of other MLB players including Andy Petite. I notice this with a lot of pichers is that they have a very closed step. They throw very much across the body. It seems that this would help to gain some kinetic energy if that’s the correct term. It also seems like it would force you to keep your shoulders closed longer.

notice how his hips r rotated at the peak of his leg lift… its very hard to bring ur leg straight underneath and step so he swings it to the side so it doesnt hit the dirt… i did this for the longest time just to a more extreme point

the only thing that doesnt look the same compared to him is my arm action… his comes behind him and sort of peeks at the batter right by his ass

mine is hidden by my hips which i personally like better cause i have a palmball which would be pretty easy to spot if it peeked at the batter