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Just wanted to see what you guys thought. Getting some right knee pain, I think it is because I spin off my landing. Anyways let me know what you think…


Looks like after planting on a bent front leg you then straighten out the front leg and bend it again. And this happens rather violently and to a degree where it looks like you hyperextend your front knee.

I’d suggest moving forward sooner as that may force the front leg to stay bent (longer). Plus that has other benefits as well.


Thanks for the advice!
A few questions, doesnt verlander straighten out his plant leg? Am I extending it too much or is it that I extend it and then have it bend again…

Also by moving forward sooner what do you mean?



Lefty 241,

Most if not all pitchers front knee extends into ball release. Looking at your video, at ball release, your front knee collapses. After ball release your front knee extends back in a violent hyperextension motion causing you pain in your knee as Roger said. The front knee action is critical for effectively transferring force from your lower half up into your hips, trunk, and arm. The more powerful you drive towards home plate and brace up, the more powerful you will transfer your force to your upper half. Also take a look at your trunk tilt. Too much. This may be the reason why your front leg is so violently driven back. You need to focus on stabilizing better with your front side. There are drills available to help you execute this movement at ball release properly. If you need more help, let me know



Any better?



His lower half is not transferring energy up, but instead directly into his plant leg and his front leg is absorbing all of that energy instead of letting it pass. You have to get up on that front leg. Your hips need to be higher and your front leg straighter at release. Right now, your front knee is like a knot in a garden hose. Take out the knot and you will get some increased water pressure (mph).