Delivery Advice for 11 yr old

I have been using Steven’s site to help my son.Several of you have been very helpful.Here’s a good one,guys.My son has been using a “glove under chin” style delivery since the beginning.When his delivery was very “quiet”(low leg kick,not much wind-up) his velocity was great.If I told you his numbers,you wouldn’t believe me.As his delivery developed,his velocity came down.Right now,his wind-up is text book,but he isn’t throwing the ball well at all.Just messing around,I reluctantly let him use an “overhead” style wind-up and WOW!Awesome.Why?He is mechanically similar to Chris Carpenter.My ?? is–what are the pros & cons to these two deliveries?I can go either way right now as he has only thrown a few this way.I am going to sift through it all and build him right here.He is yours because I wasn’t a good ballplayer,and rely on input to help him.I believe the change possibly improved something in the break of his hands,but I don’t know.OPINIONS?

I’m not certain what you mean by a “glove under chin” style delivery. Is it simply NOT raising the hands over the head? If so, then switching to the overhead style might have simply fixed a timing problem. Hard to say without seeing.

Got any pics? Both deliveries? It would help to know what he’s doing and when he is most effective.

The traditional over-the-head windup seems to be a timing mechanism. These timing mechanisms can be critical to the success of a pitcher, young or old, new or veteran.

Your son is young, let him experiment with different styles, and find one that he likes and throws well. Involving your son in his development and the decisions made for his future may help him physically and surely will help him with his emotional development and confidence in his pitching. Don’t give in to the temptation to choose a particular wind up or delivery or pitch selection for him. Help him find what works for him, and he will be a better pitcher and a more grateful son :lol:

Yes,Roger.You interpreted what I described well.I will have video soon.I just thought maybe it got more motion to synchronize and would lead to trouble later.By all means he is the one throwing the ball,but I can influence things somewhat.A delivery seems to be a “work in progress” all the time,in the effort to improve.Windup I should say.There is no answer,really,I was just fishing for opinions before he gets too far into it.