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wow 2.9 miles in 12 minutes. that would be a world record.

Youd be a track star. State Finals and everything.

dude not telling u what to do but hitting a punching bag is not good for your arm specifically ur elbow. if ur punching it your stopping your arm midway when u make contact and that puts tons of stress and wear and tear on that elbow that cant be good for it. then again i have no medical info to back this up but still just a thought to keep in mind

wow! i wish i had the discipline and resources to workout like you do (Im 14 as well)

Why would you not want to try out for your summer games team? I know from my experience the summer games is so much fun, atleast in alberta it was awesome., and i still had lots of time for friends and had friends on my team

Did you play for them this year, or in 2009 will you?