Definite Mechanical Problem

Ok, so I don’t have a video of myself, but I will try to get one as soon as possible. Basically, I came into a 15-0 game, walked five batters, and was pulled. The kids were yelling at me “just lob it over!” but I tried to do that and I would just miss high and outside. When I tried to throw normal I missed low and outside. The only strikes I threw where when I felt I had to “release early.”

Looking at my footprints left on the mound, I noticed I start all the way on the right of the rubber and stride even more closed so that my striding foot ends up being behind the batter (way closed). I think that I’m throwing way across my body, because I don’t understand how I pitch so far to the right and miss way outside to right handers. When I pitch I often get lower back pain, and I don’t know if this is an indication of throwing across. I don’t think this is good for me in the long run and I’m really ticked off. Walking five batters just tells the coach that I can’t pitch.

Also, the whole time the coach was saying “relax, relax” to me. This got me pretty mad, because the whole time I’m pitching I’m completely calm and I don’t let emotions get to me. My dad tells me that when I pitch my facial expression is really uptight and anxious. But I’m very calm when I pitch.

Finally, I don’t understand how I can’t even try to “lob” it over. The batters were horrible and I tried to patty-cake it in at the end and I couldn’t even do that.

However much learning I’ve done on this forum, I cannot translate it to pitching and I’m very frustrated.

oh 13…You’re suffering from a case of the “yips”. I had this kid that could really throw heat. He was a very confident…(Bordered on cocky), extremely intelligent, great kid. The team was a 13-15 year old team and the kid was 15. We were really just a 13 year old squad with 2, 15 yr olds and he was one of them. Well the heat he threw was in practice or on the side with me. He could never get another coach to let him on the hill, but me? Well I figured “hey I can groom this kid” good mechanics, solid arm, no reason why he shouldn’t at least be competent…possibly pretty daggone good. The relax thing comes from the look. I know…13 what is happening…it happened to me, when I was a sophmore, I was a lefty with a gun…I played 1st base and Of, I could shoot down a runner from the warning track. My high School coach recognized the arm and decided we could use a lefty with a gun…I was cocky, knew I had the best arm on the team…and it showed, I could blow smoke…then in the middle of a game early on, I got the nod as a reliever…I got on the mound and the feeling I had just really can’t be explained…it was like I forgot everything I had been taught or knew (Mostly just knew…because I was so cocky I wasn’t coached)…I felt like my body got seized by something. As I missed, I felt more and more pressure…“Do something” I walked the first guy, plunked the second…my heat became moosh…I kept backing off, trying to just throw a strike and the harder I tried the worse it got…my catcher…finally went to the other side and completely lost confidence…It had to be the worst (Baseball) experience of my life…traumatic. I thank God for it though…why? Because it made me look at myself and my skills…made me think about what it was that motivated me and address the fear I felt…Not an afraid to do anything fear…It was a fear I couldn’t live up to the image I had of myself (A sort of “Stage Fright”). Once that fear was uncovered it was so liberating…now Jeff the 15 yr old just couldn’t overcome it…he was the oldest brother to one of the other kids and just felt he had to live up to the status his little brother “saw” in him (Not that his little brother had nothing but respect…but Jeff tried to live up to perfection…ultimately just walked away from the game…his little brother too…he became a state champion wrestler and Jeff is a film producer now…a kid I have a whole lot of respect for). For me? The next time I took the mound…it wasn’t that same year…I had a completely different “feel”, the relax part was in me…I didn’t care if I was “perfect” I knew that if I just let what I knew and my mechanics work…mostly it was the release from worrying about 1 pitch, it was knowing it was a whole game thing…1 ball or plunking a guy…it’s all part of it, stay with what you know…forget about the externals…some days it won’t all work…somedays it’s magic…have the fun you feel because you love it…The next game for me I threw the “game of my life”, the game after that I had an ump that wouldn’t call my hook and it was a tough start but I never had that pressure…that feeling ever again.
Quit caring and let it rock. :wink:

Thanks! It’s just… I felt fine on the mound. I didn’t feel different than any other time. This kinda thing has happened to me countless times… walking tons of batters, being taken out early. I can definitely feel a mechanical problem, and I’ve been told that there is something wrong with my mechs.

So they tell you something is wrong…and don’t follow up with a comment as to what it is? Can you throw strikes at all? Where? Think it through, what is different…be painfully honest with yourself, if you can throw strikes “someplace” you should be able to throw them anyplace (Obviously a mound can make a difference and so can a cruddy ump) you know when the ball is going where you want it to and when it isn’t. Some thing is the issue. I would submit to you that the issue isn’t mechanical…necessarily…I mean it could be, but if it’s happened to you

And no person…not even your catcher or coach can tell you the difference…what does that leave?
If you are completely convinced, I won’t argue with you, I’ll say ok…get back to basics, simplify your delivery as much as you can and don’t waste time in between pitches…get it, pick up the target throw it…focus on being relaxed and allow your body to flow to the target. Blank out the hitter and don’t vary your delivery at all during the game. Try to start with a strike, then an out, then an inning…build on success and work through this.

Ofcourse this is pretty general informatin without being able to see a video. But, going off what I have, I would tell you to try and get all your momentum and energy going towards the target, and that includes your left foot! When your stride is far across your body, it’s very easy to “push” or “pull” the baseball. Get online, and transfer your energy towards the target.