Defining the winning pitcher of LL ballgame

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How would you define the winning pitcher in a Little League that would only goes 6 innings? Starting pitcher goes 3 innings has a 9-0 lead then 2nd pitcher comes in for other 3. Final score 15-4. I feel that here he pitched the most effectively, and to save him for later games in the week. Now if he pitched 4 innings it would be no question, but as a lot of us know 4 innings may be a lot of innings/pitches for a 10-12 year old. I don’t see how you could give a W here to the relief pitcher just because the starter didn’t throw 4+ innings.

Another question.

We have a team that is really stacked in pitching. They will use anywhere between 3-5 pitchers/game, sometimes. I have been giving the W to the pitcher that has the best outing and allows his team to gain the lead and it not be relinquished. Even though sometimes that might just be 1 inning. Ex. tie ballgame in 3rd inning, pitcher comes in retires other teams side. Team takes lead in top of 4th. Pitcher is relieved in bottom of 4th. Lead is never relinquished both the one or two relievers.

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I would start at least 2 players and a closer depending on the pitch count.

Perfect example, 1st pitcher pitches first two innings 2nd pitcher pitches three innings, closer gets last inning. Also depends on the game and pitch counts. Sometimes I’d go two, two , two. IF a pitcher is effective getting groundballs and pitch count is low I’d leave him in there for a bit longer. Now when the season gets longer I’d tend to leave them in there a bit longer as well. I was big on pitch counts and at this level you really do not want to hurt a kid. We did not throw a curve ball into the playoffs and that was after we learned how to properly throw one in practices leading up to the end of the season. The kids had 4 pitches by the end of the season. A changeup, 2 seamer, 4 seamer, and a karate chop little league curve with no wrist snap.

Good luck and watch the pitch counts early in the season. ALso get a good long toss program going for the whole team.

when i played LL i would pitch 4 innings every game cuse i was the only pitcher on the team it put a lot of stress on my arm and i wish i wouldnt have pitched so much. my advice get him on a traveling team ASAP it helped me so much i cant even explain

I coach in a Cal Ripken League and our pitchers are only allowed 6 innings in a week. Plus if a pitcher throws more then 2 innings in a game he/she cannot pitch again until getting TWO full days of rest…ie pitch 3 innings on Monday you can’t pitch again until Thursday. For this reason you need 3 good pitchers and usually go 2-2-2 in the games (we play 3 games a week) unless playing a top team that week and battling for a playoff spot, then we might go more then 2 innings with our better pitchers. We put our best 2 pitchers to start and close with our 3rd pitcher throwing the middle frames when most teams have their “subs” in the game. We don’t worry about which pitcher gets the win…at this level the whole team gets the win…

I’ve always considered 3 innings enough for the win in LL. I don’t know what LL’s rule is if any.

i would say three innings is long enough to get the W