Dedication - An Infantryman Trying to Make the USM Team

There’s a USMC infantryman serving in active duty in Afghanistan who has emailed me back and forth for throwing programs and workouts he can do while not on combat patrols or other duties. He’s trying to make the US Military baseball team and is currently throwing 85-87 as an RHP.

Say what you want about the military, but a man who is dedicated to his dream of pitching against pro baseball hitters while serving in the Middle East is nothing short of amazing.

When my clients complain about the work they have to do or when they miss workouts, I’ll point to this story: A man throwing long toss and weighted baseballs in 100+ degree Fahrenheit heat and making time for workouts between combat patrols and his daily job he has to do in Afghanistan.

Good luck topping that excuse. :slight_smile: