Deciding on this glove


So right now I have $30. The new glove I want is $23.99. My old one is broken in nicely, but it has NO padding whatsoever, making it painful to catch with. Should I keep my old one or get the new one? Glove here.


what is the name and brand of the glove you have now?


A Rawlings RBG106 entitled “The Finest in The Field!”.


Hate to be a naysayer but any gloves Wal Mart sells are going to be trash. Go to a sporting goods store and find what you like. Write down model number and search on eBay. You’ll find (if patient) at a very good price.


My first question is, how old are you? Unless you are 8 years old, this glove is not going to be strong enough to hold up.
Second question is, have you touched this new glove? It’s a small glove and constructed as a single year throw away.

If I’m not mistaken, this a tee ball level glove made from a very thin leather. So thin, in fact that if it’s repeatedly struck by a ball going with any real speed, it will tear at the lacings in the pocket and web.

If your old glove is still serving you well, it may be of benefit to you to save your money a bit longer and step up to a full leather glove that has a chance to last for you.

Another good idea, if you are very young, is to purchase a used glove on ebay that is already broken in for you. A big mistake is youngsters getting gloves that are too big for their hands and breaking them in poorly. A year or two down the line, the glove is garbage because it’s not broken in to your ever-growing hand.

I wouldn’t knock Walmart too badly. While you can’t walk into a Walmart and get a good glove–usually. They sell lots of good gloves online and even some higher quality gloves like a Rawlings Dual Core or a Wilson A2000 to name a few.


yeah i was just looking and they have a few 200 and even 300 dollar gloves. I don’t think you’ll get anything good in the store though


Well, the reason I was asking if I should by it from Walmart, is because I had just received a $30 gift card from one of my relatives. Hope this clears the whole Walmart thing up.


Certainly there are lots of better glove options, but if you’ve got $30 to spend on a glove at Walmart, look for one that at least has a closed-web. As a pitcher, that closed-web is important to hide your pitches from the batter and first/third base coaches.


My old glove that I use now.


Just out of curiosity how old are you? Looked up the glove you have now and it appears to be a 10’ glove which would be very small. What size is the one you’re looking at now? Think whatever you buy needs to be minimum 11.25 which would be very small for HS age pitcher.


I had the same question, but he didn’t answer. His profile says he’s a computer programmer. That would lead me to an assumption that this is an adult. The gloves he is focused on are for kids under 9 years old.

I’m very confused.


I’m twelve years old by the way, and even though twelve sounds young for computer programming, I still know how to do it. This was a glove that a friend gave me a few months ago, and I have used it ever since. Hope this clears up everything.


By the way, I’ve accidently listed myself as a computer programmer. I meant to say computer coder.


I don’t think the gloves you are targeting now will be a good fit for a 12 year old pitcher. Other question I have is are you playing other positions? At your age don’t think you necessarily need a closed web, something that’ll work in your position also would be great. If you have a chance browse eBay and search for 11.5 & 11.75 gloves. Can filter by condition (used or new) & price. I think you can find a pretty good glove for $30 or less. Hopefully some Christmas money or a pre-paid debit card can allow you to buy. I’d get my parents to help me, need to look at sellers feedback prior to purchase. Best of luck!


Yes, I do play other positions (2nd Base and Catcher), but I have found that utility gloves are a bit expensive. I might just buy a used one off of eBay and trick it out with laces and webbing.


I have a 11.5 middle infielder’s glove that I’ve had since I was around 15 and now I’m going on 50. I’ve only had to re-lace it once in all that time (I did it myself). It was a quality glove back then. I think I paid around $80-$90 for it and it’s still shaped perfectly and firm enough for shovel-flips to second base. Today, a similar quality glove would retail for $250-$300. My son and I share it now! He loves it and says it’s broken in perfectly. I saw some kids who had new gloves every few years because theirs fell apart and they are always breaking in a new glove. It’s nice to not have to worry about your gear every season. After awhile, a series of inexpensive gloves can end up costing you more in the long run. I’ve also had to re-lace many gloves for other players over the years when their cheap factory rawhide breaks or they failed to condition and maintain their gloves.

Although it can be fun to break in new leather, there is something to be said for comfortable old leather that seems fitted for your hand and playing style. A glove should be an investment.

I think I’ve posted in the past about my oldest glove–a 1983 A2000 XLC. I still use it to play catch with my kids and when I’m shagging fly balls. It has seen a lot of innings, yet has only been re-laced twice. Not to mention the fact that it has still kept its shape and isn’t floppy. That glove has essentially cost me about $6 a year over its lifespan (including the re-lacings and conditioner over the years).

Best of luck with your new glove–whichever you choose.

If you don’t mind a suggestion. This glove is real leather, sized for middle infield, and has a closed web that makes it a good combination glove for pitching. I wouldn’t get a glove of any less quality than this, if you can make the price tag work.
Also, you may be able to find this glove on Ebay for less or perhaps even a better glove for about this price. Ebay is great for finding good prices on baseball gloves.
Rawlings Youth P150BF Player Preferred Series


Found a glove that I like on eBay. View it here. Should I sell my old one at a shop or online?


Ask your parents and relatives for the next few Christmas’ and Birthdays for money towards a good glove, save up your cash and invest on a quality piece of leather.


Not a bad looking glove but 12’ is a little big for playing MIF. I saw one like Coach Paul suggested on eBay for $30 with free shipping


Wales, Agree with you 100% on saving up and buying a quality glove. Issue here is a 12 year old player using a 10’ glove most likely designed for T-Ball. With an upcoming season and small budget he’s needing something adequate to get him by. I agree quality gloves are worth the investment. Purchased my son a middle infield Rawlings Pro Preferred 4 years ago and it appears it will last a lifetime. Got him another Pro Preferred pitching glove when he got to High School. Purchased both very lightly used for a little over $200 each (on eBay), gloves retail for $349 each. My recommendation is minimum quality of a Wilson A2000 or Rawlings Heart of the Hide. Both of these retail in the mid $200’s although I purchased an A2000 for my son’s friend for around $120 a couple of years ago (on eBay). Original posters long term goal should be (IMO) to save up for a quality glove but no way a 12 year old should be playing with what he has now.