Deceptive deliveries

who are some pitchers that I can find some clips or videos of that have deceptive deliveries that keep the ball hidden and make it harder for hitters to pick up the ball? im talkin pitchers that hide it well and can make their fastball look like 98 when in fact it is only 90 mph.

Johan…Johan Santana.

Also, Jeff Suppan.

Chris Young is the one that comes to mind, he hides the ball well and guys say his 87-91 looks like 94-97. Hes very tall too, that helps. Umm, I think Okajima hides the ball pretty well as well, either that or hes just so herky jerky that it throws guys off.

Tim Alderson really hides the ball well, although he has an awkward motion. Also Johan is a great example. Watch the video of him under the pitching video clips section (on the forums). It seems very hard to pick up.

Willis has a deceptive delivery. Juan Marichal hid the ball very well.

Guys like Dontrelle Willis are hard to pick up aswell. I faced a kid who did something similar, and it really is a distraction.

mariano is a guy that they’ve always said has sneaky speed. granted he could run it up to 95 but he’s so smooth with his delivery that it gets on hitters that much more!