Debate: Where to start with mechanics


So this is something I’ve been wondering about lately and was wondering what everyone else thought. When working on improving a pitchers mechanics, is it better to work your way from the bottom to the top (focusing mainly on using your lower body and core and then kind of working your way up) or is it better to work your way top to bottom (focusing most importantly on the arm, arm path, shoulder etc and then work your way down)


I don’t know. Right now I’ve been using all arm and I’m working on lower half stuff right now.


Earliest to latest.

Changing/fixing that which happens earliest in the delivery will often change/fix what happens later in the delivery which is a bonus! But work on the earliest last and that can undo the work done first on the latest. Plus, it’s just plain easier to work on the earliest parts of the delivery.

Bottom to top is kind of correct since the bottom moves first but I still prefer to think earliest to latest.


You gotta fix the most important things first… you can have two sequoias for legs… but two chopsticks for arms won’t stand much long… And I mean it for both physical conditioning, and mechanical efficiency (in terms of least body stress). So stride for the bestest arm action, then strenghten your moving parts… I see it that simple