Dear Coach Ellis

i’ve been wondering, what things should i do when i feel as if im not well prepared for an outing?.

after pitching my high school season i entered a different league (14-15) and the coaches in my team feel like pitching just comes natural for me.
i dont think that at all. in high school we practiced every day and bullpened every day before a start.
going into every start in high school i had the most confidence ever in myself.
i felt like i can get anyone out.
but in the other league we dont practice at all. and i havnt bullpened in a month.
i feel so frustrated.
every game i start i dont have the confidence in myself that i can throw strikes.
i even thing im loosing velocity in my fastball by not bullpening.
i am in desperate need of some real help.

thanks for your time

-natalio navarro (14yrs)

ur done with highschool at 14? :shock:

I’m certain that Steven will have a comment for you, I’d like to ask you a question though…What is stopping you from preparing on your own? If you can’t find a catcher, then throw against a wall or a fence, do the same things you did in school, just improvise if you don’t have the exact same stuff. You didn’t forget how to do it over-night. Think about your drills and what you practiced like…heck you don’t need any props to run to stay conditioned, work distance and sprints alternately…go to our workout and Nutrition Forum and scare up that guy KC…man will he give you some solid work ideas.
Believe in yourself, discapline yourself to work hard even when no one is watching…You’ll be fine…
This forum will be here. :wink:

Head on over to your local bookstore and pick up a copy of the “Mental Game of Baseball” before you do anything else. It’s by Dorfman. Read it. Don’t scan it. Read it. Take some notes in the margins. Then, let’s start a thread on some of the pointers you learned in the book. I can’t stress enough how important that book is to any ball player who really wants strategies to gain more confidence.

That’s gotta come before anything physical or mechanical we tackle.

Stay positive!

[size=18][color=olive]The Ultimate How-To Coaching Guide
For Baseball Pitchers Of All Ages[/color][/size]

While your at it… you won’t find a better “think tank” for the ole gray matter… than the book above.

If you truely want to apply yourself from the ground floor up… like Steven said, I strongly suggest getting a copy of this book for your professional inventory. And by the way, start thinking of yourself in this light… being professional … not just a kid who’s going to ride his bike to the park and shag some pop-ups.

Also, along the top of this web site there is an outstanding reference collection of data in …[size=18]Pitching Articles[/size]

You can really gain a considerable amount of knowledge… stuff that others have experienced and time tested without going through the angony. Well, you will go through some… but you can gain a running start be starting there first … before you have to hit the ground running.

Thanks to Steven Ellis and the other contributors here… you have free of charge a ton of experience … just ready and waiting for you to ask…

So, follow Steven’s advice, keep coming back and talking, asking questons, pass on your experiences so others can learn… as you will from them.

The long and the sort of it is… we’re all baseball people here… and baseball people enjoy talking, playing, living… eating and sleeping baseball.

I’d say you’re off to a good start and we’ll do our part to help you along the way.

Best wishes in your baseball career.

Coach B.

You will learn a lot more than you think by just staying here and reading and asknig questions. You can learn so much free of charge. If you really want to be a good pitcher this is the place to learn everything. There are so many experienced guys they could answer any question you throw at them. And I gurantee it.

thanks coach ellis. and all who reposted.
this will the place i will look for asking all my questions.
i will buy that book.

Does every bookstore have that book?

Try buying on-line if you can’t find something you need at a local bookstore: At Amazon the Mental Game of Baseball is $13.57.