Dealing with it

i’m a pitcher and when i hit a kid i don’t always pitch as well for the rest of the inning (usually when i hit the kid i get taken out from pitching after the end of the inning…if i make it that far.)

Here’s an example

I was pitching one game and doing ok but not that good since the other team had some players that crowded the plate and I didn’t want to hit them or anything but they wouldn’t move at all. And then this little kid probably like 11 (in a 13 year old league) gets up n is pretty short. it was 3-2 and i accidently hit him inthe head but he had a helmet n it wasn’t a fast pitch either. like 2 batters later (i think) this really big fat kid comes up to the plate n i was throwing them pretty close inside and i tried throwing one outside and it was just a wild pitch n that stupid 11 year old kid got 2 third and i was getting pissed since he wasn’t even supposed to be there and was like 4 feet tall at the most. and i went to throwing them inside again and i hit him right in the face n broke his nose. he didn’t move at all but gave a weird face to the ball as it was coming closer to him n smack right in the nose. i was a bit shaken up since i just broke the kids nose not meaning to but was taked out of the game since i walked the next 2 batters straight with 4-0 counts.

So i guess the question would be how do u deal with it? cause i’ll hit the kid and when i do usually something bad happens to him.

Just try to forget about it–you can’t let one bad play carry over and cause you to make other ones. Plus, to be a good pitcher you need to be intimidating. The other team was probablly a little intimidated when you drilled the smallest kid in the head.

Just remember a HBP is no worse than a walk (probablly better due to the intimidation factor). The batter is the one getting the bruise not you. :mrgreen:

In baseball you have to have a short memory. If something bad happens and you keep thinking about how you don’t want to do it again then you have a greater chance of making the same mistake.

Just forget about it and just focus on the next hitter.

always focus on this pitch, this moment…don;t think about the previous play or the previous pitch…don;t think about the next play or pitch but just this pitch this moment…concentrate and visualize the pitch…see if this helps, I know its brought me a lot of success…

As a pitcher you gotta be able to put those kinda things behind you nd work through it. Another thing is you cant feel bad after hitting somebody, its part of the game. Thats what could be causing you to destruct after hitting someone a lot of pitchers think after they hit someone oh man i dont wanna hit another batter so they dont come inside and then they cant find the zone then they start grooving just to put it in there and get rocked. So after that kinda thing happens get the ball back and keep pitchin the way you normally do and if you hit another batter o well thats baseball.

Al Leiter once said, “A pitcher’s job is to repeat quality pitches.” This is something that has always stuck with me and my guys try to live by it. We really have a “next pitch” mentality. That pitch is done with, move on and make a quality pitch.

If you hit a guy, if a fielder makes and error, if a guys hits one off the wall, your focus is on making a quality next pitch.