Deadlift vs squat vs cleans

Should a pitcher perform, one, two, or all three of these exercises and why? Or do any of you say a pitcher shouldn’t perform any of them? I’ve been looking around for articles but can’t find any that relate to pitching, just bodybuilding. I am afraid of hurting my back/knees, as in high school we were taught how to do them by our coach and it took a long while to get over the lower back and knee pain that came with doing it the wrong way. But I’ve heard they are very important for power for pitchers.

Eric Cressey is anti-back squat and anti-Olympic lifts for baseball players but very pro-deadlift pro-front squat.

We use both the back squat and front squat here and our guys occasionally power clean. But deadlifts are definitely very important for pitchers and hitters alike.