Dead serious vs. loosey goosey

which is a better mind frame to be in on the mound?

I think for me, if I take myself too seriously out there, like I get in this war kind of mind-set, I totally unravel … I gotta take it like its no big thing, like I’m just having fun out there, loose … it’s a way of defusing the pressure … otherwise, I start thinking too much and squeezing the ball too much and… well, you can forget it… I’m toast.


I prefer that my guys be focused but that they be able to put their last pitch behind them.

It’s funny because Im on two different teams (HS and a Rec league). HS is very intense (2nd best baseball team in MD last year, Something like 120-30 record over the last 9 yrs.) and Im always worried about screwing up. The rec league is the exact opposite. I could do whatever I wanted (I act good though) and I’d still play every inning of every game. That team is really bad (last year I had a game where I gave up 15 runs–12 unearned) and everyone is very “loosey-goosey”. I love my baseball schedule now–Its a good mix of the two types. I get tired of doing just one type.

Its all about your personality, for me before a start i like to be loose cuz when ur teammates see you loose and relaxed they loosen up a bit and dont put a lot of pressure on themselves. Last yr before are biggest game of the season we had a young team and they were all pissin down there legs and i was a senior so when i took the mound in the top of the first i threw the first pitch over the backstop everyone kinda looked at me like i was nutz but it got my team smilin and havin fun and we ended up destroying that team.