Dead arm


I got, I don’t like it. Tell me something that you know. I have no pain, just noodle arm.


Dead arm is a deficit situation. You need to lighten up your workload to allow your arm to recover.


I have never experienced this phenomenon, but I have seen a lot of it. As I see it, “dead arm” is extreme fatigue, usually the result of overthrowing, and is more common among those pitchers who throw too hard and too long and too much over the top. The only sure cure for this problem is to just plain stop throwing for two or three weeks, give the arm a chance to rest and then ease one’s way back into the routine—with this caution: stop overthrowing. What would help in addition is for the pitcher to start mixing in some 3/4 and even sidearm deliveries, which would also force the hitters to start changing the eye level. In my playing days I was a true, natural, honest-to-gosh sidearmer who used the crossfire almost all the time, and I never had any problems with the arm and the shoulder. :baseballpitcher:


Usually due to an imbalance in the shoulder region. Make sure you’re doing scap exercises in addition to your lightweight dumbbell or tubing exercises. Aim for a ratio of 3 pull exercises (back/scap) for every 1 push exercise (chest/front shoulder) you perform.