dead arm?

hi, i am from fond du lac, WI. I am 17 and pitch for my high school team. In the beginning of the season i was throwing really good and my ERA was very low. In alot of those games my pitch count was well over 100. After like 5 or so starts i started to walk people and not be able to hit my spots as effectively. i was wondering if this is dead arm that i hear on espn and if it is how would i go about fixing it

“Dead arm” is nothing more nor less than extreme fatigue, and somehow I don’t think that’s the case with you. My guess is that something has gone amiss with your mechanics, or you just might be throwing too hard, or both. You should stop and take a look at those mechanics and see if you’re doing something that’s caused you to go out of whack.
You say you were throwing 100 or more pitches in every preceding start, which is not exactly being economical. Let’s see what’s going on here—you might be getting behind on the hitters too often, working full counts, issuing too many walks; the batters might be fouling off a lot of pitches; you might be giving up a lot of hits…I’ve seen many strong-armed pitchers fall by the wayside, some not even getting to the fifth inning. And a lot of those hits might be for extra bases. Oh, I know, that happens to almost every pitcher once in a while, but with this kind of consistency? That spells problems with those mechanics. I would advise you to get a good pitching coach to take a look at what you’re doing, and he can then suggest a few fix-its. 8)

Are you running poles after pitching to get rid of the lactic acid? Really works even though you might not wanna do it

no i have not ran poles to get rid of the lactic acid i will try that and will get a side session on video to see my mechanics

Dead arm generally occurs when the rotator cuff muscles are fatigued or de-conditioned. And it tends to happen during the baseball season when pitchers STOP doing their conditioning exercises to focus more on team practices and games.

To prevent or overcome it, you must strengthen your rotator cuff and scap muscles, which helps to regain the delicate balance between the dynamic and static stabilizers in the shoulder.

Good luck!

My take is that the conditioning Steven referred to should help prevent dead arm but if you already have dead arm, then rest is in order because your arm is in a deficit, as Zita indicated.

I do think that Roger is right, you need rest in order to get rid of the dead arm rest and then a proper conditioning and strengthening program.

Dead arm is usually used what happens when a pitcher doesnt have the velocity they did in the beginning of the year. Do no confuse this with having a sore arm they are two different things. If you are pitching with pain this is not a dead arm but an injury and should have it looked at. If you have dead arm where you feel you aren’t getting the pop you are used to i suggest two things. Make sure you are doing your work: conditioning, abs, plyos, and weight lifting. If you aren’t doing this your body will break down over the course of the season and you just wont be as strong as you were in the beginning. The other way to get through dead arm is to long ball. Long ball helps you gain velocity and arm strength but also maintains the arm strength you already have.

also make sure to ice your arm. 15 min on 15 off each on shoulder, under elbow and over elbow. at least once. twice or three times is good.

I used to ice my arm after every game and it worked somewhat. Since I have been running poles after the game, 1 pole and walk back to the other pole for every 20 pitches I have had no soreness after games and I feel like I can throw full speed again with one day rest if I had to.

I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade, but I got caught by this same erroneous thinking a few years back myself. Here are 3 articles that were given to me to help me understand. I hope they help you the same way they’ve helped me.

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