Dead arm - have any tips to bounce back from it?


We all experience it at one point or another. What strategies have you used to bounce back?


Rest. Give it the time it needs. Don’t rush it. Work on other aspects of your game or try something else during your normal bullpen time like tennis.


Agree with CoachPaul (except for the part about tennis - hope that was sarcasm). :wink: Dead arm is a deficit situation so decrease the workload to let the arm dig out of its hole.


Had it for the first time last year. LTP helped me through it. I just rested and eased back. But I forgot my pitching mechanics during the 1.5 weeks. So maybe light pitching some tennis balls. I noticed throwing without releasing the baseball about 10-20 time gives the same temporary effect.

This should be a sticky.


I would be careful about throwing underweight balls…by nature the arm is going to move faster and stress levels can go up. I would probably throw a regulation ball at reduced intensity, but, thats just me.
I would want to do the same sort of recovery as from a sore arm. Active recovery. Cut way back on the throwing, get the blood flowing, isometric holds, electro stim, shoulder tube ect.
Sometimes guys here rest and they thing “do nothing”…recovery should be active in my opinion unless it is in relation to a specific injury.


Late in the year when my arm would start getting tired/dead, a good full body ice batch always seemed to shock the system and add some “freshness” to my arm and legs. That and just simple rest.