Dead Arm division 1 college player

Hi everyone I’m 21 and Have a serious case of dead arm i’ve just gotten off of a long summer ball season In the Cape Cod League for the. While playing up there I saw some of the most amazing pitchers I was lucky enough to see a freshman from louisville throw 100 mph yes I said 100 mph. Try matching up to that haha. Anyways for my case during the middle of summer my velocity was clocked at topping out at 95 mph and and sitting at 92-93, but with in 3 weeks my velocity dropped to 85-86 I just got back to college and my velocity is now 83-85. Ive never felt so weak in my life. I’m 6’2" and weigh 185 pounds yet there is no pain when I throw . its around 45 days now of dead arm and I’ve only been given 4 days off. has anybody experienced dead arm that knows what they did to get it back. again ive had no pain and want my velocity back! I have never been a steroid user just been gifted with the ability to throw hard. Is there a chance it won’t come back or what? I don’t know what to do to make my arm bounce back from this. I do bands and lift every day.

please help me people I have alot of pressure to perform well for my junior season of college

A long summer and fall of pitching inevitably leads to velocity drops.

At your velo levels, the smallest things can make huge differences. You’re a little light in the bodyweight area, which could stand to improve (I bet you lost weight over the season which probably impacted velo).

Did you keep your strength levels up? Squat/deadlift/etc during the season too? There’s another ding if you didn’t - and if you were lifting every single day in season, that can cause some problems too.

It happens to all pitchers that have long seasons and are on a regimented throwing program + workout program. It’s not unusual for it to be in effect for a couple weeks. But it sound like you have no rest from season to season you definetly need to rest your arm at some point. No pitcher should pitch a whole season than go to summer league and than expect to be 100% for the fall. So maybe under those circumstances you should rest your arm. I understand your concern and I think if your velo has dropped to the levels you describe your coaches at school will and should shut you down due to levels. If not I would talk to the pitching coach and go over the best course of action.

And I agree with kyleb with the lifting everyday during season. That could definitely have an negative outcome to your body as a pitcher.

I’ve seen and heard of cases like this, although I never experienced it. “Dead arm”, to put it simply, is extreme fatigue, often caused by overwork such as described here, and the only sure cure for it, as far as is known, is absolute rest. Don’t even pick up a baseball, let alone throw it, for a month or so, and then get back into it in easy stages. And I definitely advise cutting back on those workouts during the season—overdoing it will produce only negative results. 8)