DB Snatch

Is there an exercises that I can substitute for the Snatch? I can’t get the form down and I don’t like the idea of it.

You can’t get the DB snatch or the regular barbell version?

If you have the time, this video is 100% worth watching:


Dan John, very experienced olympic lifting coach goes through the progression of how he teaches athletes the snatch. I learned a fair bit outside of simply the snatch. And it’s free so it’s worth a look.

Catching a snatch rock bottom is hard just for lack of flexibility. John really shows proper form to get into the positions.

My thought is if you struggle with a regular snatch go with the power snatch. (Catch the barbell in about a 1/4 squat)
Or even a hang power snatch. Both are relatively simple.

If you want to get away from it all together here’s a good explanation of all the movements that make up the snatch,
You can do things like high pulls for much of the same effect.


you should start light and easy with kettle bells or just the bar. Get used to doing that because snatch is a hard exercise to learn. You really can’t substitute anything for snatch though because the exercise is meant to train your body for explosion and transferring energy from your legs to your upper body, not for working a certain muscle.

just practice at it and you WILL get better

Dumbbell snatches are the most fun part of my workout. :twisted: