Day to day consistency

I have a weird problem. One day I’ll pitch great, hit spots, and throw my curve well, and other days it seems like the world is against me. Either my fastball is right down broadway or off the plate I can’t work the corners, and my curveball won’t curve. Any ideas why I would be having problems like this?

I have the same problem, especially with my cutter. I dont know how to fix it or anyhitng either. Just try to make sure your mechanics and arm angles are the same every time. For example, one day my curve was really flat and fat and i didnt know why until my coach pointed out i was throwing three-quarters instead of straight over.

i no wat u mean i have the same problem with curve and cutter. but i realized i was changing my arm speed. when i trhew it the rite way it had a lot of late snap. when i slowed it up my curve either hung or it broke to early and snapped into the dirt to quick

yes, i think so… :slight_smile:

Come up with a routine for yourself. Do the same things, the same way, in the same order before the games. Make sure you control your breathing and take deep, but comfortable, breaths to help you to stay relaxed. These should get you started towards being more consistant.

Lefty thats a great way to put it.

Also dont let yourself struggling with pitches at the beginning of the games get in your head lots of pitchers struggle at the beginning of the game with certain pitches and after 2 or 3 innings they begin to really get in a rythem, hopefully youll be able to pick something up. My dad always said that when i begin to wear down and my arm gets tired thats when my balls move and my offspeed really works so who knows.

I was doing the same thing. Just get into a routine. :smiley:

its possible that you could be human…

We’re all human. We all have days when nothing goes right, just as we all have days where everything goes right. Now…
When you’re warming up, whether it be for the start of a game or to come into the game in relief in the eighth inning, check out all your pitches to see how they’re working. Your catcher can help by watching what you’re throwing and telling you if anything is a little off—for example, your curve ball, which you mentioned having trouble with. It could be any pitch that is misbehaving, either by being flat or not breaking the way you want it to. I’ve seen many situations like that—the curve ball hangs, the slider is flat, the knuckleball refuses to knuckle even when the weather conditions are favorable—and that is what so often gives rise to the cry of “My stuff isn’t working!” Okay. If something isn’t working, leave it alone for the time being and don’t knock yourself out over it. You’re sure to have at least one pitch that is working—and I’m willing to bet it’s a good changeup. So go to that one—and concentrate on placement. Move it around, high, low, inside, outside—my pitching coach used to tell me that, lots of times.
And know the hitters, their strengths and weaknesses, what they’re doing at the plate. Many times a batter will tip off that he can’t hit a certain pitch or one that’s located out of his kitchen. Someone said that there are any number of pitchers who will get the batters out on a good change—in fact, it was Babe Ruth who once said that a good changeup will cause batters more grief than anything else! In any event, go with the pitch that seems to be working for you, and you never know—somewhere along the line, a couple of innings later, you just might find that curve ball or whatever. 8) :slight_smile:

Youth has limitations, and there is a basic reason for your inconsistency, as you call it … due to the fact that you’re growing and changing every day of your life even up to and inclusive of your twenties. (20-22)

Childhood gives way to boyhood and boyhood gives way to the teens and the teens then leads to young adulthood … all of which will find changes in your personality, temperament, aggressiveness, perception, tolerances for physical and mental duration and qualities of said same. In short, your all a different person – whether you know it or not, every time you start a new day. Your body and its chemical balance and other maturities will give you a rollercoaster of emotions sometimes that will, of course, find its way to the athletic field in addition to your social relationships – friends and family.

Now it would be ever so easy to broad brush this experience – that we all go through, but that would be an oversimplification. Some youngsters mature a lot sooner then others and thus don’t experience the peaks and valleys of “growing up” like some other youngsters do.

On the athletic field what complicates this process … for you youngsters,is the lack of understanding with these conditions by coaches, parents, program directors and so on. An the worse case scenario is when the youngster himself/herself thinks there’s something wrong with him/her.

The bottom line here is that we’re all different and our abilities to perform with respect to pitching is as variable … sometimes day to day …. because of our changing bodies and the growth process that injects a ton of variables.

Go easy on yourself… because I can guarantee you that after reading this post you’re more than likely more knowledgable on the subject of inconsistent athletic performance then a lot of your adult counterparts.

Coach B.