Day after you pitch

I got another question for ya guys. In my book, “Pitch Like A Pro” by Leo Mazzone, he says the best thing to do the day after you pitch is to lift weights and do both lower body and upper body, and also rotator cuff work, along with sprints. Do you guys think this is a good idea?

This is exactly what I’d tell you to do.

I would just try to tell you to get in a run after you throw. Everyday after practice my coach has the pitchers run 8 poles. As for the lifting the next day, I don’t know much on that topic, but 2 knowledgable people have recommended it so I wouldnt say it’s wrong.

Here at the college i pitch at the day after we pitch we have a intense lower body workout. I like to get an upper body workout in the next day also it seems to rid me of any soreness. A good run and stretch are my favs after a game though.

what about throwing. the day after i pitch some light throwing. should i do this or not throw at all

I have no idea if post game throwing is a good idea at all… I just hope it isn’t a bad thing. Playing on a high school baseball team offers little option. Back to back games when you pitched one day and need to play right field or 1st base the next day…

I agree with Leo. Running and lifting lower body are two musts i think. Upper body lifting may be different for each individual. I lift the next day but just not as heavy as most. I have heard positives for both heavy and light next day lifting. As far as throwing goes, listen to your arm. Some guys throw alot some very lil. I atleast throw a light 60 to 90 feet sometimes extend a little bit but i dont throw hard at all. In a sense i just try to strech my arm out. Whether you lift or throw make sure you strech your arm the next day since i started doing that my arm feels alot better.

day after you pitch? Take it easy my man. Sleep late, do some stretching, eat some steak, go back to sleep.

[quote=“nd943”]I would just try to tell you to get in a run after you throw. [/quote]If by “a run” you mean sprints, then I’d agree. If you mean a jog for longer distances, then I’d say you’re doing something that pitchers don’t necessarily need the day after. Pitching’s not an aerobic activity, it’s anaerobic, alactic. Although long distance running may be good for overall endurance, it shouldn’t be thought of as a way to get rid of lactic acid after a game.

Just be clear on why you’re doing it.

A decent run right after, or the next day makes my arm feel a lot better. I don’t know what works for others, but it works good enough for me to offer it for advice.