David Wells on TBS

…makes me nervous on the post-game shows. His analyses are so poor for a guy that was such a good pitcher! He doesn’t look comfortable and is totally overshadowed by Eck and Cal. That was an experiment gone bad by TBS in my opinion…

A few years back, Fernando Vina’s son was on the team I score for. I remember when he got the job on ESPN’s baseball tonight, and I remember him talking about just how difficult it was to try to do the job he was hired to do. He’d get on a plane and head to Cn for a few days of “shooting”, then back home, only to head back to Cn again in a few more days. From what I understood, the most difficult thing was trying to translate what was in his head, into a language that was “acceptable” and could still be understood by the wide variety of people watching.

I think he did a great job of growing into the job, from when he 1st started until he quit, but others like David Wells just don’t seem to be able to make the transition.

I think hes a victim of expectations…he was such a glib and rollicking guy…a burp a fart, a wise crack…John Kruk like…he’s got the thousand yard stare thing right now…he’ll likely have to do some changing before it takes. John Salley started kind of slow and has developed…I notice they keep trying to retread “The Worm”…but I don’t ever think he’ll take until they let him smoke some ganja on whatever show he’s on…same with Boomer…bust out some Schlitz and some brats and he’ll be the best “Boomer”.


I felt the same way with Boone on baseball tonight. first couple times when he first came on he seemed really nervous and i thought he was doomed but he seemd to settle down and give soem good insight. Also JT. Snow on CSN Bay Area for the Giants games. seemed wayyyy too nervous last season when he started doin some analysis. Now seemd to settle in on his own. I guess i would be intimidated workin with Jon Miller too haha

Takes time to get comfortable, would help he had some clothes that actually fit.