David Straus Video Analysis

David Straus Pitching Analysis

 Hello my name is Dave and I was wondering if somebody here could take a look at this video and give me some tips on mechanics. I was also wondering (I'm not sure if this is possible) if somebody could give me a rough estimation of velocity on these two pitches. Thank you so much!!

David, I really can’t tell much from the video due to the distance and angle the video was shot. However, I want you to look at the photo and try and mimic it. Take a video of yourself and see if you are doing everything you can to get as close to what the pitcher is doing in the video. I am also leaving a few suggestions for you to work on.

Look at video of yourself and compare it to the photo and then ask yourself:

Do you get to this position?

Is your stride in line with home plate / front and back heels aligned?

Is your knee bent close to a 90 degree angle at release point with a power follow through of straightening the front knee?

Is your head over your belly button?

Is your release point at least 10-12 inches in front of the front foot?

We call this the Clemens Triangle.

This is the optimal position for maximum velocity, long term health, pitch control, pitch movement, throwing a variety of pitches, and long term health.

Every long-term successful pitcher that threw hard for a long time got to this position.

Good luck and let me know how things are progressing after you have worked on your mechanics.

Former college pitcher and current pitching coach

Also, watch the video of Roger Clemens - if you can do what he does then you will have great mechanics.


Yeah, there really isn’t enough video to go off of here. Please try to get better angles of your mechanics and less of ball flight. Until then, keep working!

What two pitches are you trying to throw?