David Price or Matt Wieters

The latest issue of Baseball America states that the top two prospects in baseball this year are David Price and Matt Wieters. Then they proceed to determine which one is the top prospect.

After interviewing twelve upper level management positions in the major leagues…they determined by a wide margin (10-2) in favor of Matt Wieters…A CATCHER!

C’mon guys, don’t let me down…Who’s really the best prospect of the two?

I’ll take the catcher! For some reason I think Price is going to be a bust.

Apples and oranges man, they’re two different positions I don’t think you can compare them.

Wieters, hes given every indication that hes going to be an all star catcher for the next ten years. Price is good, don’t get me wrong, but hes going to have to dominate big league hitters the same way he did minor league hitters before I peg him as an allstar ace.

I like Price as a closer.

But Wieters is better. He has all the tools except for speed. I saw him play AA last summer and he was 4/4 on hosing guys at 2nd. Absolute stud.

[quote=“Seffapotamus”]I like Price as a closer.

But Wieters is better. He has all the tools except for speed. I saw him play AA last summer and he was 4/4 on hosing guys at 2nd. Absolute stud.[/quote]

Agreed. I like Price much better out of the pen.

I also saw Wieters in the Eastern League last year. He is an above average catcher but he’s not a phenom. He went 0-4 against Josh Rainwater (Who’s he?) and the bullpen of the Erie Seawolves.

I don’t get all the hype over Wieters. Price has performed in the MLB playoffs already. Wieters spent last season in AA. Give me a break. You guys buying all that media blitz on Wieters?

Who is Wieters’ baseball agent? Scott Boras :evil:

Who is Price’s baseball agent? Bo McKinnis :shock:

Someone show me some love for Price…He’s the real deal. You guys aren’t buyin into that “position players aren’t as big a risk as pitchers” are you?

Nope Dino, I’m holding out on Price. I don’t think he’ll be the real deal. I think he’s better off in the pen. And if he wins the cy young this year, I’ll look like this :oops:

The big lefty gets some game smarts and forgest nibbling for the rest of his life, he’ll be great, imo he’s not as developed as I thought he might be. If he reaches his potential we might have a lefty Gibson. Catchers get broken, either early and chronically or over time. It is real easy to have fate take it away…I watched it happen to Rick Wikins, as a Cub fan I watched him come in and he was the deal…The only reason he didn’t win ROTY honors was this guy named Piazza, 30 Hrs with a 300 avg his best year…the guy was a doubles machine…a tweak in the neck turned into nerve damage…he still had a great 10 year run, but wasn’t ever close to the highwater mark. I never bet on a catcher great ones are rare over time.

well i picked price, but matt is my boy considering he played for georgia tech!!! 8)

David Price’s spring training performances have done nothing to change my mind.

What has Wieters done? Before you tell me “Wieters is hitting .467.” I just want to say. Craig Counsel is hitting .600.

Spongebob squarepants laugh… :twisted:

I think every once in awhile you ought to check back in history about some of the things that have been said…(ain’t that great now that we have computers and everything is saved forever)

Now about Price and Wieters…

Who is making more of an impact on their team?

Price: 5-1 , ERA 2.03, BA: .200, WHIP: 1.07
Tampa Bay 24 - 10 top of the AL East !

Wieters: AB 117, H 33, HR 4, RBI 13, AVE: 286
Strikeouts 1 in every 4 at bats.
Wieters can’t hold Joe Mauer’s cleats.
Baltimore 10 -24 at the bottom of the AL East.

For all you unbelievers, check this out:
Jason Kendall (of the lowly Royals, formerly the even lowlier Pirates)
Ist major league season - 1996 stats
AB 414, H 124, HR 3, RBI 42, AVE: .300
Kendalls lifetime batting average of 7307 at bats is .290 !
That’s 8 points above Wieters’ current average and 2 points above last season’s average. That includes three miserable years of batting averages for Kendall in the .240’s.

Really, if Wieters is as good as all the hype…should Kendall even compare at all???

PRICE for PRESIDENT!! :twisted:

I like it when we’re right Dino!
We should get a cookie and maybe a pinwheel :wink:

My supervisor at work knew that I disdained offical recognition for a well done investigation. Instead, I recieved a black fine point “Sharpie” pen when I done good. When I cleared out my desk for the last time, there was a fistful of Sharpies I had tossed in the upper drawer reminding me of how well I had done my job…

Give me a Sharpie!!! :twisted:

I have multi colored ones :smiley:

What are we gonna do about the million post thread?
Hammer wouldn’t like it to sit on his account but he deserves the honor…I say we split the difference and see who we can get to do it…I say try for one of your elementry school teachers…or Michael Jordan…you know…a memeorable 500th…let us plan…let us plot…allow us to coordinate…get back wit me would ya…or any poster who has the best idea…

Ok here’s suggestion #1

We could cut and paste Hammer’s original “On to one million” positive post that created this monster on Feb. 3, 2009 as sort of a celebration of the act and the man responsible for it.

And we could invite reflections of that first response…it would serve to reinforce the theme of the thread…say something positive.