David G - Pitching Analysis


What can I help my 11 Year Old change to get better?? I tried to get him to a more traditional windup, but couldn’t get him comfortable so that will have to be a change made in the next preseason.


work on his glove side. he’s really not using that side to help him reach down the target line. His left shoulder and arm are falling away limp and his body is following. His shoulder angle is also quite tilted.


Thanks! Shoulders should be more even? I’ve noticed him falling away to his glove side a little, and have wondered if maybe it starts with his windup… starting sideways, stepping back, leaning back too far, balance off center pulling him left… Looking at this video, I think it’s more the glove as you say… he seems to get back on balance, then pull himself off again with his glove hand…


Get us a side view of a bullpen. It’s hard to make any fair assessments here without having a better view. Falling off to the side is not a bad thing. You see it with almost every major league pitcher. Baseball is a rotational sport and rotating over to the glove side is normal and actually encouraged. It does however, look like he dips his front shoulder forward at the top of his leg lift. This could cause rushing which would explain why he falls off to the side, if he’s not getting back to a stacked position. But then again only a side view would really tell us if that’s the case.


Whether or not falling off to the side is an issue depends on when in the pitcher’s delivery it happens. If it happens as a result of rotational momentum after release then it is not an issue (except maybe for fielding). But if it happens before ball release then the body ends up moving in a different direction than the arm is trying to throw and that can be both a performance and a health issue.


Sorry, should have clarified, not worried about fall off on follow throw, was worried maybe he was off balance before his stride. Will get side view next time he throws. Thanks everyone.


Haven’t been around for a bullpen session for a bunch of awful reasons including work getting in the way:-P here is a quasi side view from a game tonight… It’s not the best video quality, but it’s what I have. I will try and get bullpen views too at some point…


Looks like he could stay stacked just a little better and the glove side need to get firmed up a bit more. Don’t be lazy letting it fall down there, but he does a great job of clearing it early it looks like.


Me not being a pitcher trying to help out my 11 year old, I want to make sure I understand… when you say “stay stacked”, are you referring to the hips staying closed a little longer before opening up? and the glove, I’m assuming pull the glove back and tuck rather than letting it drop off almost to the ground??

Once I figure out all he needs to change, I have to figure out how much I have him work on now, with less than a month left of baseball here, and how much I work with him starting in February/March before next season… Baseball in Wisconsin is pretty much an April-July season for games unless you play in a fall league, which is difficult for a football player. I guess the good thing is he gets plenty of rest for his arm as he won’t be pitching at all for 7 months…


stacked is keeping the upper body over the hips.
as far as glove action goes, some people say pull the glove back to the chest while others say to get your chest to the glove. either way, the glove should be under the control of the pitcher and not working against the pitcher’s dynamic balance. the problem with the glove side dropping away is that it impacts what the other arm is doing.


Paul’s right, and to be a hair more specific keep the upper body over the back hip. This helps create separation by letting the hips get down the mound and ahead of the upper body. Otherwise you just rotate as one piece and that affects velocity and consistency because your timing is bad. I like a firm glove side that gets out of the way early, positive disconnection, you want to create separation with your scapula as well as the lower body. Pitching is all about timing and separation.

As for what to work on, I’m a big fan of focusing on correcting the lower half first. The lower half is your foundation, like building a house you’ve got to build the foundation before you start focusing on the next phases. All though I am a proponent of using driveline weighted baseballs to help shape movement patterns. Even just the drills that are a part of their program, pivot picks, rockers, roll-ins, walking windups, etc., can make a big difference because it breaks things down a bit and you can find more feel for how the upper half is supposed to work.


Pulling the glove back usually results in early shoulder rotation. Instead of pulling it back, stabilize the glove somewhere above the front foot and bring the chest towards the glove.


The idea would be to keep front shoulder closed but to clear the glove creating positive disconnection. I do agree that there is a tendency to pull front shoulder out, which is why you need to drill it, but if you don’t clear the glove you end up with the tendency to create glove blocking and poor rotation.


By the way I realize you might think I mean pulling it through the hip when I say clear it. Here’s a pretty awesome slow mo of some good glove side movements. https://www.instagram.com/p/BHF84ZoBH6p/


Awesome information everyone:-) Now I need to figure out how much I have him work on now, and how much I wait for next preseason… season is mostly over here, 2 regular season games next week, league tournament, and a weekend tournament over the next 3 and a half weeks.


Keep it simple. Changing one movement pattern has a tendency to influence others! A strength program might be a good thing to consider adding. The understanding of movement patterns is a great thing to learn at any age and there’s a lot of quality work you can put in without getting too carried away for an 11 year old. Just have to find the right trainer.


Have you made progress on glove side this offseason?


Haven’t had a chance to do much… living in the north country our season starts very late… no games until May, and a 3 sport athlete just wrapping up wrestling means we are just starting to throw… will start working on mound work in a couple weeks when wrestling is completely done.


Getting better… still need to get some bull pen video, but this is game video from yesterday with slow mo following… 12YO throwing from 54 feet… glove side getting better, and I think upper body over his hips better than it was… I will try to get bull pen video this week from front and side if he cooperates (doesn’t like to be filmed!)


Some shots today throwing a little, side, front, and rear views with slow motion of each.