Dave's Form Critique taken 1/22/11

This was taken today at his travel team’s practice at a local college. He’s 15 and a Soph. in H.S. Very good velocity and great command of his pitches.

What is his velocity?

I feel like his legs are dead. His hips too. He has a fluid motion but you also need power. Try the Hershiser drill to begin with. Otherwise there is a lot of efficiency that he loses and over stresses his arm.

Hasn’t been clocked in the last 6-7 months. Last he was clocked was 77-78 pretty consistently. This year in School their PE period is all sport specific lifting and band training. Without a doubt he is throwing harder than he was last year. So quite possible he is flirting with 80. He’s also 6’1.

His back leg needs to come through more agressive. The way it is now is more of an anchor to his arm.

Just looked up that drill and compared to what he’s doing now, and thats dead on. Nice when you have something to compare to an pause in position to see. I always tell him he seems to be leaving some energy on the table that he’s not using. Was just showing him his video and compared him to theclip, so he gets it more, so tomorrow at practice he can do it.

Here’s what I see:

  1. He is mostly reaching with his front leg as opposed to driving his back leg to propel him forward. His back leg is postioned well - he just needs to use it by driving hard with it so he gets to near full extension before he lands the front foot.

  2. He never really gets to the high cocked position: he has a low elbow and his forearm never gets to a true vertical position - so it appears as though he is a bit of a “pie-thrower”. Arm action should be down, back, and up.

  3. It appears as though he could brace up the front leg a bit better; his front knee drifts forward at times. The leg needs to act as a brake to transfer the energy from the lower half to the upper half.

  4. I think he can move a bit faster - more intention to move explosively to the plate; get away from slow and robotic movements.

  5. The Hershiser drill is the right idea - but it’s simply just a matter of understanding that he needs to lead with his front hip; as soon as he reaches the peak of his leg lift, his hip needs to be the first thing to go toward the plate - not his leg or foot and not his shoulder. This is crucial for timing of the hand break - never break the hands over the rubber; get the body moving out toward the plate first, then break the hands.

He definitely has 82-84 in him with these changes! Good luck!