Dave Bush/Keith Foulke "Bow Hunters"

If anyone has ever witnessed Dave Bush of the Brewers or Keith Foulke formerly with the Red Sox pitch, they have this very awkward looking form that I refer to as drawing back a bow versus dropping the arm prior to delivery. As bad as their mechanics look, is there any risk to elbows, etc.? It just looks they put a lot of strain and excessive torque on their elbows as they pitch this way and not fluid at all. I’m assuming it’s not as bad as I think it is because they made it to the big leagues-but other than the posibble elbow injuries, etc. I would also think they have less velocity than could be from this form.

Any thoughts form anyone on this delivery style would be greatly appreciated.


I’ve often wondered this myself.

I got to see Bush pitch a lot while he was in Toronto.

If he was being robbed of any velocity, it was sure hard to tell he would cruise 91-93 hit 95 on occasion. He didn’t land on the DL all that often. It does appear as though there is exessive stress as you say, and I’m sure for someone who isn’t used to using that motion his entire life it could be more hurtful then anything, but if he’s used to throwing that way, his body has made an adjustment to the delivery.

Could he be more injury prone probably, but everyone is prone to injury regardless if you have ‘picture perfect’ mechanics or not.

Your right Wales, the key here is that they’ve probably been throwing like that their whole lives. Thus, for them it’s their natural arm action. Although we may not recommend it for someone else, for them it’s natural.

can you post a video clip as an example?

I’d say Bush does more of the “draw back” that you describe. Keith Foulke is simply just a shortarmer.

Bush has the inverted W arm action.