Dart thrower

i throw a little bit like what you would call a dart thrower. I have bad tendonitus in my elbow too. I am wondering if this could be why and how can i fix this problem?

my best guess is that you probablly have poor mechanics , what you should do is tape yourself when your pitching and post it on youtube so we can watch it and get a better look on what you might be doing wrong. You probablly side arma little to much which puts a lot of stress on the elbown causing your elbow to hurt every time you throw. I had this same problem but quickly got back to working on my mechanics and practicing every chance i got. I did have to go through physical therapy though . They did electroshock and gave my some excersises to help my elbow get stronger. A program my doctor gave me was the throwers ten if you are familiar with that, look it up if you need some excersises.

go find a sports medicine physical therapist if you have pain and do physical therapy it helps alot and will get rid of pain. TAPE YOUR self and post it.

pretty much what i said a therapist will help a lot it went from me having pain every time i threw and now i have never felt a pain since.

Dart throwers stabilize all of their body except their throwing forearm. The forearm action is entirely in the verticle plane. This gives the dart thrower the most accuracy at the cost of velocity. Of course, a dart thrower does not care about velocity. You could say that the dart thrower is a short arm’er.

So, what do you mean when you say you throw like a dart thrower? Do you short arm?

All my mechanics are pretty much perfect except for this one thing. I do have a trainer and i go to therepy twice a week. i just got taped 2 days a go and nocticed it when i looked at the tape in slow motion. It wasn’t that noticable in normal speed. Could this happen because of a bad release point. I don’t have video that i can put on a computer now but i will try to get some soon.

yeah whenever you can post this video on your pretty much perfect machanics, i want to see this. And you might not have been able to figure out what your doing wrong im sure the guys on here will see something and help you out a lot, these people on here are very smart when coming to mechanics. So get that video on here whenever you can.

Your release point is more of a result than a cause. Your mechanics leading up to release dictate where your release point will be.

You need to give us more information about “this one thing” that you have noticed before we can try to help.

If you actually are a dart thrower, then your mechanics are probably far from perfect.

Can you post a video?

It’s possible that part of your problem is not getting a good follow through. Do you finish your pitches with your head out in front of your front knee, nose lined up with toes, and allowing your throwing hand to naturally continue down past your opposite knee / ankle ?

Or do you remain fairly erect after the release, and possibly cut off the deceleration of your arm?

As the others have stated, it’s next-to-impossible to give you good advice without seeing your motion.

Great post Roger! 100% agree.

yeah i agree with roger too, you either need to posta video of you or give us more information and we can help you a lot more