Danny Ray Herrera

Anyone have a clip of this kid pitching? He is the short LHP in the Rangers organization - pitched as collegiate for New Mexico State. Also, does anyone know anything about his screwball/changeup pitch that is supposed to be so nasty - grip, how he throws it, etc.?

I don’t know about Herrera but I think that Chris Capuano and Phil Hughes throw the same pitch (or a similar one). It’s a circle change thrown with pronation so that it moves down and in like a screwball.

Check out the second pitch in this clip…

nobody compairs to pedro martinez when talking about change-up. you should look at some pedro stuffs.

Check out the last pitch in this clip…

Can’t say for sure, but it looks like a circle change-up.

those are some pretty nasty pitches in the clips. The reason for wanting a clip on Herrera is that my son is a smaller LHP (5-9, 170) whose fast ball tops out right now at 82 mph. Herrera is similiar with amazing results thus far in his career. I am hoping to glean a little bit of his secret for being so effective.