Danny Hupal Pitching Analysis


If you guys could analyze my mechanics that would be great.


They seem good! The only issue I see if that I can’t see them because the videos private. Work on making them public and you’ll gain 5-10 mph probably! :stuck_out_tongue:


oh haha didn’t realize


If they’re in slo mo, I can probably give you a decent analysis in a couple hours when I get home. If you may have seen my mechanics, they’re horrid, as I don’t know how to break muscle memory. I’m stuck knowing proper mechanics and not using them.


you can put it in slo mo by clicking on the setting wheel, then click “speed”, then put it on either 0.25 or 0.5. I haven’t seen your mechanics but thanks for checking mine out


Look at your front view and check out your knee position relative to your ankle. These should be stacked when you are firming up with your stride leg. The knee should be over the ankle and your shin should be vertical.
Your knee is closer to first base, your foot is landing open. If your foot lands open, you probably have an issue with your hips opening too soon which is preventing you from keeping your knee over your ankle. When the knee can’t be over the ankle, energy is lost before it can travel up the kinetic chain. When the knee and ankle aren’t stacked, energy is absorbed and dissipated rather than transferred to later be amplified.


Hey thanks for the feedback. Are you saying my to keep my left knee over my right ankle right before i stride?


I’m talking stride knee over stride ankle when observing from the front view.


Ooh right. I see it now. I’ll work on that in my next pen and will try to get another vid up.