Daniel 13U Pitching Analysis


I’d like some feedback on Daniel’s delivery. He needs to simplify his motion, and I think he rocks back too much on the way to the plate.


Looks like he does a lot of things well. Personally I would do away with the counter rotation, just misdirected momentum. Try to get momentum towards the plate as he begins his leg lift.


I think it looks pretty good. I would have him use his front leg more as a brace than landing right on top of it. This should help him rotate around his front leg more than being squared up to the plate after release.


Some good comments above. The counter rotation seems to be drastically limiting his ability to get his front hip forward and his body down the mound as evidenced by his short stride length. He’s really got a C shape to his spine and he seems very “crunched up” into and through front foot strike. I’d try to get some extension on both of his arms away from his body during his stride. I can’t tell from the video, but I suspect from the hip position at foot strike that he’s landing a bit open. I’d try to get rid of the pull down with the glove and try to have him emphasize on keeping his glove up and getting his chest to his glove.


I also agree with comments above.

It’s nice that you have him lined up with that big fence post in your neighbors yard because it gives you a good visual marker in the video of where your son is releasing the ball. If you’ll notice in the slo-mo video - he releases the ball right at the fence post. Release should be happening out in front of that fence post - or out in front of his head/front knee. The reason he is releasing so far back is due to his leaning to his glove side. Instead of his body pulling him to that side, he needs to keep his head level and project that force forward to the plate.