How come there are no dancers in baseball? There used to be, right?

Man, where do you come up with this stuff A-Check?


What does this even mean?

Do you mean cheerleaders??

Is this guy serious?

Is this guy serious?[/quote]


I ment cheerleaders, there a cheerleaders in football basketball but not baseball, why?

No need for dancers in this sport son, this is a skilled game.

Well, let’s see…

I’ve seen the seventh inning stretch with raffles for free groceries, passes to the laundromat, tickets to the drive-in, free carwashes, gift certificates to the local rod & gun club and a free subscription to the Sunday paper for a month.

I’ve seen contests with kids chasing piglets around the infield, pick a baseball cap from a pile that fits and win $10, pie eating contests in between innings - cherry pie at that … yack …, then
there was the sky diver that landed in the outfield only to have a gust of wind drag the poor guy over the rightfield wall and onto the nearby freeway, and the fireworks that went off for the first home run hit by the home team (we were visitors) one night … and one round landed in our bull pen. . Boom-baba boom- boom!! The same game that had a guy singing …Ohhh Say can you see… in a puddle of water… everything was going rather patriodic until he grabbed the microphone stand and … ZAPOO… ROCKETS RED GLARD…!!!

I even saw one of our guys get married at home plate … last year too… same guy … different stadium … different plate … different gal. . His trading card read … consistent at home and on the road.

Cheerleaders ??? Don’t be silly. :crazy:

Coach B. ( I think)

I read somewhere I think in a MLB book that the Texas Rangers were the first team to have cheerleaders?!?!?!?!?


No…No…No…, I remember that…it was the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders that got lost on the way to the football game. They showed up in the top of the second inning in 1974 when Ferguson Jenkins was pitching his comeback player of the year. Anyway, Jenkins beaned the next three batters in a row after the cheerleaders showed up standing just outside the rangers bullpen. Billy Martin, the manager at the time asked the cheerleaders to move out of Ferggie’s line of sight so he could finish the inning.

And that was the last time that cheerleaders ever graced the field at Arlington Park.

Yeah, that’s how I remember that happening! :wink:

Oh that’s priceless!!!

We had a game once that was just down the road from a girls private school – mostly college girls.

During the mini skirt years free tickets were handed out to all the sorority houses on that campus - right down front row center… right behind home plate.

Five guys right in a row got beaned! Finally our skipper went out to see what the heck was going on – our ace was being tossed. When he finally reached the mound and started talking to our boy, the home plate ump started his walk to the mound to hurry things up… when our skipper turned to address the ump and say something … when he looked passed the ump and saw all the line of college girls sitting right in the front row with their mini skirts on and no boards or promotion signs were nailed up from the baseboards up to knee high. To say that the view to home plate from the mound was a distraction was an understatement! In fact, every time the ball boy brought a collection of baseballs to the plate, he returned back to the dugout a least a year older.

Coach B.

North Hardin High School in Radcliff Ky. We had…girls…I wouldn’t call em cheer leaders “Bat maids” or “ball maids” or “wenches of the glove”, more like hot school girls the HC let hang around the team and wear these real nice North Hardin High sweaters and nice shorts. Coach Ellis (No kidding :wink: ) had the worst breath a human being ever had (On the team we affectionately called him “Buffalo Breath”…he used to like to put his arm around a player so they couldn’t get away…and turn and speak right in your face :mad: :bluefrown: :crazy: :puking: )…the man could make a frieght train take a dirt road…When ever the janitor needed some paint peeled, well he’d get Coach over there and spark up a conversation, I figure his face is likely plastered on some predator web site by now…My juvenile mind had always attributed this to the fact that it was, after all, in Kentucky and the state is so insanely basketball crazy (See Dallas and football) that well, they’ve got cheerleaders at funerals. :shock: