Dan Haren pictures

Check out these pictures http://www.chrisoleary.com/projects/Baseball/Pitching/PitcherProfiles/DanHaren.html

Look how he grips the ball

-second picture, is that a 4seam fastball grip? His thumb is under his index finger, not between index and middle finger. I gues he uses his pinky and ring finger to hold the ball as well?!

-third picture. Same thing with the grip, but its a 2seam fastball? If you zoom in the picture, you will see that his index finger is not on the seam?

So I gues when you grip a 4seam (or 2 seam) fastball your thumb dosen’t need to be under and between the index and middle finger(which I find to do with small hands of mine)?

Hard to know all these things since there are no pitching coaches in this part of the world…

Yes those are both fastball grips. That’s just the way he holds his pitches.