Dan Haren mechanics

I have been experiencing velocity and control problems recently, and I need to reinvent myself as a pitcher. Some major league pitchers’ mechanics that I have been studying recently have been Jonathan Papelbon, Jason Motte, Tim Lincecum, and most notably, Dan Haren. With Dan Haren’s stop-at-top, is it still OK to copy Danny’s pitching mechanics. I have been thinking about copying Dan Haren’s mechanics because he has good velocity, movement, mechanics, and control. So tell me if I should or shouldn’t copy Dan Haren’s mechanics.

I suggest you pitch like yourself. There is only one Dan Haren, only one Tim Lincecum, and so on… If you are going to completely redo your motion, start at the beginning and find the most comfortable, compact and powerful delivery. Look at some video of yourself and see what things you can change for the better. For instance I like a pitcher to be squared to the target, with good extension of the throwing arm before delivery. I like a pitcher to get a good stride and stiff front leg to drive the release. I like a pitcher to have a release point that happens simultaneously or slightly after the stiff front leg. Not before. These are some things to think about. Come up with your own motion you can be confident in.

Why not copy a big-leaguer’s motion?

You think Tim Lincecum copied a major leaguer’s motion when he was little? Be yourself. That’s what makes you different from other pitchers. You don’t have to pitch like Haren or Lincecum to be good. Take a look at who you’re studying. They’re ALL good, and ALL have DIFFERENT mechanics.

Sounds to me like you’re in a slump right now. Just hang in there. You’ll figure out what’s wrong, then practice and you’ll be right back where you want to. It’s like anything else. It takes practice.

Post a video of yourself pitching and maybe the guys on here can point out what you need to work on.


all these people want to copy greg maddux, nolan ryan etc. but seriously pitch naturally knowing the fundamentals and if there’s any serious problem, the coach will sort it out.

… I have been studying recently have been Jonathan Papelbon, Jason Motte, Tim Lincecum, and most notably, Dan Haren. …

Think of it this way … you need transportation … ok, so let’s see what you should saddle up with … a four door Cadillac, two door Corvette, V-twin Harley with side car, or how about a three speed bike - red with basket and ring-ee ding-ee bell off the handle bars!

Right now your expressions are probably saying … “Coach B’s burnt a bearing!” … " I’d like to have one … but I’m more inclined to get the bike with the pretty basket!"

The point to be made here, is that all those men that you’ve mentioned are so different in their physiques, body language, muscle maturity and so on, that you’ll end up more confused than ever. Don’t go that route.

So, you can either go with your gut feeling of what suits YOU best, or, you can stay pat with the hand that you currently have and work the kinks out as you get older and stronger.

In any event, I’m not sure if you’ve posted any video of yourself, but that could help you also … letting others work with you. But you have to realize that this media does have its limitations.
Coach B.

I have posted video of myself. I want you guys to analyze my mechanics. Click on the thread Help!!!.

I messed around with the Dan Haren mechanics, and I can’t do the stop-at-top like he does.

Dude, just be yourself its not best to copy someones mechanics just to look cool or to say you pitch like a mlb player. Just be yourself, no two pitchers are exactly alike.

Yes, and i learned that. My Mechanics are better now.

The truth is, high level throwers exhibit certain mechanical characteristics that are far different from low level throwers. All 95-100+ mph pitchers have certain things in common. The key is to study these pitchers and what they have in common. If a pitcher is very large physically throwing 95 its safe to assume that in general their mechanics are inferior to the pitcher throwing 95 with a small stature.

As to the Dan Haren question…as a whole, his delivery is not optimized, only throwing in the low-mid 90s, but I think you can still study his unload and learn some things from it. Focus your study on high level throwers though (in this case high level means 95+ and control) if your goal is to optimize your mechanics. I think it’s a bad idea to just study one thrower, because mechanics differ and there are subtleties that stand out more in one high level thrower than in another.

study them ALL! Focus on doing the things they all do in common, and your own “Style” will emerge.

Good advice. You see, I took good examples from different pitchers and combined them into my mechanics. So my control and velocity have gone up significantly. Thanks for the advice, everyone.