Daily training/workouts for pitcher

morning all,

will you please tell what is the best daily workouts to do for pitcher?


There is no perfect workout. There are many philosophies and methods out there today, some not so good and others that are awesome. Here are some excellent resources that you should check out when looking to design your training plan:




Each of these resources would be a great place to start. Be sure to research thoroughly so as to have a complete program. Things you should be looking to include in your training program:

-Shoulder strengthening program (Jobes, bands, etc.)
-Explosive leg movements (cleans, box jumps, etc.)
-Rotational and anti-rotational movements to strengthen your core
-Flexibility program, especially for the upper body. You do not want to become overly tight through your chest and shoulders.
-A conditioning aspect that involves more sprinting than long distance

I hope the above resources and notes can help you get on your way. Good luck preparing for the 2011 season.