Dad in over his head. HELP PLEASE

Hello I am a new member . I have 4 boys ages 14 to 5 and they all play Baseball. So I am busy.

My problem is I have a 10 year old left hander. He is in Colt Baseball right now and hits off of a pitching machine now. Next year is Pitching league. He plays catcher now. Yes a left handed catcher. He is the only player we have that can catch the ball behind plate.

He wants to Pitch so bad next year and of course everyone including my uncle who played minor league ball has told him for years he is going to be a pitcher. I am not so sure. He throws and bats left handed and always has . But he writes with his right hand. He has a problem with accuracy when throwing hard . I would love to teach him basic pitching mechanics but I pitched in little league for 2 years and was a catcher from then on. I do not know what to start teaching him.

My question is where do I start and what do I look for . I do not want to build him up to pitch and then he finds out he is just not cut out to pitch.Hitting is not a problem he has been the cleanup hitter for 2 years now. But I have no clue how to teach a 10 year old left hander how to pitch and my older son has been told not to teach him anything. He is an outfielder and thinks he knows how to pitch, but theres a reason he plays center field and its nots because he knows how to pitch. Any help would great

Given your son’s age, I wouldn’t pass any judgement about future ability based on his current ability. And a lack of control at his age isn’t a surprise either.

When working with the young guys, I try to keep it real simple and work one just those things that form what I consider to be the foundation of good mechanics: posture and balance. I also like to focus a bit on the glove as young kids have a tough time controlling it.

I can recommend the book, The Art and Science of Pitching, as well as the mechanics video available from the][b]NPA[/b
. Look under the Products link.

He’s a lefty … get him on the mound today and be patient…try to focus on the process and not the results !

When my 11 year old son was 9 he could pitch but didn’t have a lot of control and at 10 they were going to be pitching more so he started working on balance point, how to break his hands propperly, getting the throwing hand into the correct place and glove side mechanics. It took him until the end of 10U before he really felt comfortable but now he throw +75% of his pitches for strikes and changes speeds well. If he is dedicated to it, have him work on small things like balance at the post position and one day you will turn around and you will have a lefty that every team will want to have.