d3 to d1?

2006 season is finally here, I was curious about college though I’m goin to a small D3 school and going to be there ace. I had alot of D2 and a couple D1 offers but I know if I went there I wouldn’t be there starter. They would most likly just red shirt me my freshmen year. So I figured I would pitch for a D3 school and get a maximum amount of pitching. Also my pitching coach at this school is a professional scout for Seattle. So I figured I would pitch for the D3 school for 2 years then go to a bigger school and pitch a year with them and enter the draft or try some walk on’s. I was hoping to hear some of your opinons on this?

what college?

It may be too late for you, but JUCO’s are a great route to go if you know you won’t be staying at the same school for 4+ years. JUCO ball in the big 3 states (FL,CA,TX) is as good as a lot of D1 ball in other parts of the country. Plus the transfer rules are not as tough. Good luck.

There a number of problems with the idea of transfering from a DIII school to a DI school. Assuming that you will be good enough to pitch at the larger level school, you will need to let your present coach know about your intentions. You will not get “recruited” to play at another four year school while attending a four year school. A coach will not want to contact you, you will need to contact him. When you do contact another coach, he will most likely contact your present coach and find out why you are wanting to leave his program. Generally speaking, this will not sit too well with your present coach.

It would probably be an easier route going to a junior college, proving yourself there, and trying to get to the highest level possible. This way, if the talent is there, you will get recruited to go play at a higher level.

I would suggest talking to your pitching coach on this and getting his opinion. I have obviously not seen you pitch, but you might also want to go and watch some juco games in your area and see if you think you could pitch at that level. Remember, although you said you will be the ace of your team’s staff, it is still a tremendous jump from DIII to the DI level in baseball. If you are thinking about playing professional baseball, there have been many DIII players who get their chance. If the talent is there, you will get yours also.