d3 schools anyone?

Can anyone tell me some decent D3/D2 baseball schools to look at, preferably in Florida? I am 22, just got out of the Army and I am going back to school. I am more interested in just playing baseball again. I have kept my arm strong over the years by playing on a number of base and branch teams. Thanks!

What part of the state?
We have some outstanding programs…Flagler College in St Augustine is a school I have some familiarity with, they have a pretty good program, Santa Fe in Gainesville is known as a great CC as well as Lake City and those areas are known for not being so expensive to live around…with the added bonus of UF being in Gainseville and FSU right up the road, just a little easier to get some eyeballs on you scouting wise. Florida Community College Jacksonville has another pretty good program also.

UW-Whitewater is probably the best d3 program in the nation but it is in Wisconsin.